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Scam Alert: Call-Centers Outsourced to India Are PURPOSELY Ripping Off American and European Citizens

By Carlo @CarloAtYourServ

Scam Alert: Call-Centers Outsourced to India Are PURPOSELY Ripping Off American and European Citizens Yes, you read that right. Scam alert: call-centers outsourced to India are PURPOSELY are ripping off American and European citizens is what this post is about. Sorry, this ain't no party, baby.
Pardon me for saying this, but this burns my ass.
Sure. Of course, we should have figured that this kind of thing would happen. Especially after we Americans were duped, being ripped off by our own people who got away with their criminal behavior, thus tearing down our financial system with their ploys of "mortgage shopping" and hedge fund Wall Street greed.
I was recently made of aware of the call center outsourcing rip off scheme that is currently going on in India by an Indian guy named, Heera "Satisch" Bhandari, who wrote the following two email messages to me. I've decided to print them exactly as they were sent to me, verbatim. Therefore, excuse and overlook what was written within them, that has nothing to do with the title of this post.
Read on...

"Hi Carlo, I have sent you the EzineLayingCurvy design and will put it on the cover of ebook, waiting for the edited version of your ebook.
Its a bad news/information I got about the software compnaies.
There are many companies based in Europe and America, providing software support and/or anti-virus solutions. These companies outsource their call-centers to India and pay huge money to the BPO companies [The companies do the calling and selling thing for them]. One of my friend works in this kind of company [He is earning three times me than I earn in teaching - You can have Idea that they pay huge.]. The work of these companies is they scare the user with fake reports of having viruses on their computers and sell software support for nearly $100. So a user pay $100 for nothing, they create a fake threat and sell their product. Bad business practice!!!

Because I wasn't aware of the term, "BPO, he went on to explain...

"Hi Carlo,
   BPO - full form Business Process Outsourcing, not related to only India. Any organization doing a business have different departments or sections, they can outsource the work of one or more department to other company. If a company give the their canteen to some catering company its also outsourcing. BPO is very popular in India, but its not all we've in software industry we have big name like TCS, Wipro, Infosys doing business with Europe, US, Australia.
   Pet sitting, that's very kind of you. Its a tough job to have a pet, because they can't speak and we've to understand them with the gestures/body language.
   Sending you 2 pictures of rainy season, clicked by mobile on June 23rd.

Now in all honestly I have to wonder about a few things here. Is this guy actually the "friend" that he speaks of? Or, not? We all know that there are criminals who "get off" on "outing" themselves, finding some type of solace in believing that they're "getting over" on everyone. Poor babies. In their tragically pathetic little minds, they honestly believe that they're smarter than everybody else. Go figure. And let me tell you honey, nothing -- and I mean NOTHING, about this person would ever surprise me. I had to make the decision last week to cut ties with this guy. The little $5.00 jobs that he was doing for me would have to come to an end. He was just a little too suspicious and unaccountable in his actions for my taste. And no, don't even try "going there", suggesting that I have "sour grapes" or something (over $5.00 payments that I made to him that total less than $50.00!). Save your "she must have some type of personal vendetta" theory, because please... $5.00 payments here and there just aren't that serious.
I've gone public with this because keeping my mouth shut makes me an accomplice to the scam. 
And if you can't understand that, I say... I feel sorry for you. Quite frankly, I have far too many loyal readers who stop by from all over the Continental United States and the UK and other European countries to "sit on" this kind of information. And I feel sorry for anyone out there who has some type of problem with thievery, because if you think about it, you could have been their next victim.
To have the opportunity to have an online "voice", by being followed by people who subscribe to Cater-Hater (and even those who don't), who trust my opinions, well... I'd be dropping the ball if I weren't to take a responsible stand and have their backs (by speaking up about this). And anyone who has spent a susbtantial amount of time around me, who really know me will tell you, I'm loyal to people who care about me, who I care about in return.
You want honorable and good Internet tech services? Then go check out Nathalie and Olivier over on Legitimate online business people, with credible references and a history of going the distance to help people -- that's who they are. Olivier said that sadly, to get ripped off by tech-type people online these days is basically "standard practice" as 75% of those selling Internet, online techie-type services  are nothing more than a bunch of people who usually won't have your best interest at heart, who are in it to win it for themselves, even if it costs you an arm and a leg.
The Internet is ripe picking for all of the dregs of society. It's chock full of scumbag losers who will go to any length imaginable to rip you off, pocket your money, and be on their merry way as if they've done something quite normal and honorable.
I implore you to be very, very careful about who you do business with online. The Internet, as cool as it is and can be, is -- for now, a relatively safe haven for loser rip-off artists who think nothing of taking your hard-earned money to use it for ill gain.
Do I think all Indian people are Internet criminals and thieves? No. But let's face it, one never knows the integrity of a person they've chosen to do business with online, at least not until the business relationship has withstood the tests of time.
In my book, you are what you show me you are. 
You show me I can't trust you, then this is who you are -- just like in real life, I can't trust you. I find out you scam people out of their money, I can't trust you. Your're a greedy money-monger who will step on anyone and not think twice about it, I won't trust you. You have a big mouth, always running around telling everyone's business, I can't trust you. You get off on bullying people, while thinking you're always right -- mistreating people who you think have plans to "get" you, I'll never trust you. And, I won't subjugate myself to spending much time (if any) around you. Baby, life is just way too short. We have the right to make choices that benefit our well-being. I choose to spend my time around people I want to spend my time around. Not people who think, for whatever reason, that I owe them my time. Especially people who I don't have years of history with. I'm very clear about that fact. Worry about what you're pulling round in your own wagon. Because like the rest of us, you too have got baggage.
It would behoove most people to be concerned with who they like, not who likes them. 
What a complete waste of time; worrying about people liking you, or your choices and opinions (of which you are entitled to have each and every one of, by the way).
"Watch the company you keep", as my mom used to say. Because more often that not...
"The people you think you should minister to are the very same people you need to be delivered from." - Dr. Mark Chironna
In real life, we are sometimes able to come face-to-face with these kinds of unscrupulous people. And in some instances, being able to do so can thwart some of this kind of thing (their negative and greedy behavior) from happening, that is -- when they have, at least a tiny piece of a conscious-spirit left inside of them).
So, all I can say is... watch out! Be advised of the scam alert: call-centers outsourced to India are PURPOSELY ripping off American and European citizens.
I'd love to hear what you have to say about this. To your knowledge, have you ever been scammed by call center employees... in India or elsewhere? Do tell all... and shame the devil!
Leave a comment and share your best strategies to prevent getting ripped off. Remember to be as specific as possible in your comments because what you have to say helps us all.
I appreciate your opinions!
With love... be encouraged,
Scam Alert: Call-Centers Outsourced to India Are PURPOSELY Ripping Off American and European Citizens

“Skepticism doesn't help you hear.” - Seth Godin
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