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Saying Yes Isn’t the Only Way to Do Business

Posted on the 31 October 2013 by Thehangline

I just read a blog post about pizza that made me think about out-of-home media sales. In his post, Seth Godin says “Some of the legendary families that serve great pizza in New York aren’t in the customer service business. They’re in the great pizza business.” These great pizza-makers can be seen as inflexible, but they refuse to serve an inferior product just because that’s what a customer wants. That ugly disgusting pizza could become someone’s perception of their business.

Those of us in out-of-home sales have the same dilemma. It’s hard to tell our clients no. They’re paying for it, right? But once that poorly designed, irrelevant and ineffective billboard hits the streets, thousands of people will immediately perceive out-of-home as poorly designed, irrelevant and ineffective. Of course, we can’t just tell that potential client to hit the bricks. We have a duty as experts in our medium to educate our clients about the best practices of advertising and out-of-home specifically. Let’s say, “No, but let me tell you why.”

We shouldn’t be in the sales business. We should be in the kick-ass advertising business.

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