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#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo Hoo!

By Midwesterngirl @MidwesternGirl5
Today we are blog hoppin' people! Yeah, baby!
If you're here from Heidi's blog, then WELCOME! I'm so happy you've stopped by!
If you're here because you're a regular reader of my blog and you never miss a day, and you count the minutes until you see I've posted something new, well are. awesome. And I'm so glad YOU'RE here!
Either way, you rock. And I hope you're ready for some super-fun LOVE inspiration today!
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
Now we all know just how busy life can get. 
So it's no surprise that sometimes the little things are the things we let slide. Little things like sending a handwritten note, or doing something special to say thank you...
So today, Heidi and her Media Team (including me!) are banding together to challenge you to do something special for someone. Create a card, write a note, make a little something special for someone...and actually send it, mail it or bring it to them.
I created a whole bunch of Valentine's cards using Heidi's new Hello Today Collection...I admit I went a little crazy. But I couldn't stop. Seriously. 
First let me show you some of the cards that I made...and then I'll tell you what I did with them.
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
Do you see a theme here? I'm hooked on pink & orange & polka dots. I'm pretty sure it's an addiction. you've seen what I've created. Now here's what I did with my cards...
This winter has been just awful here in the Midwest (as I know it has been over much of the country). Right about now I think we are all just wishing for some spring. So to make things a little bit warmer and a little bit happier, I baked up some cookies and brought them to my kids teachers and office workers along with the cards that I made...
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
Inside each of the cards I just jotted down a little note to let the recipient know just how much her hard work means to our family. I bagged up the cookies and attached some baker's twine and a little piece of the Hello Today Ephemera...
#SayILoveYou Blog Hop! Woo hoo!
I brought the cookies to the school yesterday when I was there to help in my older boy's class, and I wish, I wish, I wish! I had taken some photos...every teacher I gave them to was so surprised and so happy! And it made me feel so was like Christmas. And really...creating the cards was relatively easy...especially using the Color Magic Cards. The hard stuff is done for you - you just have to color them, decorate them and give them to someone.
Thank you so so much for stopping by! I hope you saw some things you liked, and I hope I've inspired you to go make (and send!) some pretty stuff! 
Next week I'll be focusing in a little more on how I put these cards the meantime, run out to Michaels and grab some Hello Today goodies so that you can create a little something special for someone you love. Take photos of your creations, post them online and tag them #SayILoveYou so that we can all be inspired by how you are helping to spread the love!
Next on the ‪#‎SayILoveYou‬ Media Team Blog Hop is Jamie Pate! You are going to love what she has created! 
Here is the list of girls participating today...if you haven't already seen Heidi Swapp's project make sure you do! Rumor has it she has some freebies for you...
Heidi Swapp
Maggie Massey
Jamie Pate
Jennifer Evans
Maridette Cachola
Lindsay Bateman
Kim Jeffress

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