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Say Hello To The 1st 158 .NYC Domains: HappyBirthday.NYC, Honeymoon.NYC Startrek.NYC

Posted on the 27 June 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

The Sunrise period for trademark/brand holders closed on June 20 for the .NYC new gTLD, the extension for the city of New York.

The latest zone files indicate that  brands and trademark holders participated very lightly in the Sunrise period,  where I count less than 160 domain name registrations (of course all of the Sunrise maybe in).

However since New York is largely regarded to be the headquarters of so many companies including those in media, advertising, marketing and is the home to thousands of retail locations for some of the world’s biggest brands,  I thought we would see a lot more Sunrise registrations.

There are always some domains extremely generic in nature that get grabbed in Sunrise.

A few of these that caught by eye were HappyBirthday.NYC  and Honeymoon.NYC, which were registered by Richemont North America, which is also an applicant for new gTLD’s, and the domain name LiquorStore.NYC which is under the registered to an IP law firm in New York, Cowan Liebowitz & LatmanCowan Liebowitz & Latman.

These trademark owners better bet busy because there are hundreds of millions of people and businesses that violate those trademarks in New York City and all over the United States, every day.

Hallmark for one better be very nervous about the Happy Birthday one.

A few other “generic” terms grabbed in Sunrise:



Toledo.NYC (Which I have to admit just looks confusing)

A trademarked term that did stand out for me on the list was the domain name StarTrek.NYC, you have to wonder if there is not a Star Trek experience coming to the city.

Just two Media companies applied during Sunrise, Fox and CBS, which is very surprising since so much print, electronic, broadcast and other media are headquartered in New York

One other interesting Domain is NewDots.NYC which registered to which Tom Gilles/NewDots.NYC and the domain is actually live.



The site looks to be set up to take .NYC registrations and design websites for them.  I have confirmed that the site is not affiliated with  Neustar which is operating the .NYC registry on behalf of the city.

In general, only businesses or organizations with a NYC street address, and individual with a primary residence in NYC, can register a .NYC domain name.

Here are the rest of the .NYC domain names registered in Sunrise and in the Zone files as of publication:


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