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{Save Money On Textbooks + Give The Gift of a Smile}

By Whimofthesouth
Y'all know as much as I do that saving money on textbooks is completely necessary. Unless you somehow got super lucky and won the lottery, textbooks cost a pretty penny. Recently I've gotten in touch with Campus Book Rentals.{Save Money On Textbooks + Give The Gift of a Smile}I had no idea that such great deals existed with textbooks. It's only taken me 3 1/2 years of college to discover there were other options other than buying books from the campus book store. Go figure. It's to coolest thing because you actually save 40-90% (yes up to 90%) off of campus book store prices. Imagine all of the shopping I could have done...They even give free shipping on orders! Unlike a lot of book rental companies, they allow you to highlight in the textbooks. For me, a visual learner, this is such a plus. I need to be able to actually see what I'm studying. And after awhile if I don't have color, the words and sentences just run together. Campus Book Rentals EVEN works with you on a flexible renting period (maybe you have to take a class again or you have to take a shorter intensive or summer class...that's so perfect!)Now the best part...They just started a new program called RentBack. This program allows YOU to rent your textbooks to other students and makes you 2-4x the money that you would make with the buyback option at your campus bookstore.If you aren't already obsessed...Campus Book Rentals partners with an amazing cause called Operation Smile.Operation Smile is an organization that helps to give medical attention to children born with cleft lips. Every three minutes there is a child born with this condition. This organization has been giving the gift of a smile since 1982. I love that they help children this way and think it's an amazing way to give back to the world.Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile with EVERY book rental! That's a whole lot of smiles.
Happy Savings!xoBCC

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