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Saudi Arabia – Women Finally Get the Right to Vote

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Back on the 5th March I wrote an article about Saudi Arabia, saying that I believed big changes were going to happen in late Summer this year. This was because the 1st July eclipse when relocated to Riyadh found the Eclipse degree bang on the Midheaven with the rest of the cardinal cross formed at that eclipse hitting all 3 other major angles of the chart. At the time I suspected that the revolutions sweeping across the Arab world might hit Saudi Arabia. In that assumption I was wrong, but my feeling that some significant change was due has it seems proved correct. If you wish to see the Saudi natal chart please click the following link – Saudi Arabia

SaudiaArabia solar eclipse

Going back to the Solar eclipse of July 1st, I missed a significant little connection. As you can see above the eclipse hit very close to the Saudi Ascendant, just into the hidden 12th house so some changes to the face of the country were going to happen. The fact that the eclipse was in the 12th house meant that some sacrifice of principles were going to take place. The only other direct hit from a planet conjunct to a Saudi natal planet was from transiting Venus, which formed a conjunction with the Saudi Moon. Both Venus and the Moon highlight women. Today’s announcement shows a major sacrifice has now come from King Abdullah. The natal Moon representing women sits also in the 12th house, hidden away. Women in Saudi culture are all required to remain behind the veil, so apt for the Moon in the house ruled by Pisces and Neptune.

SaudiaArabia transit 25 9

Now moving to the transiting planets for today, we find Uranus on the Midheaven and opposite the Saudi Sun (the King) signifying an unusual change of direction by the leader. Uranus’ sign Aquarius sits on the cusp of the 8th house, the house of change. Transiting Pluto is square the Midheaven; here is a transformation in the way Saudi Arabia will operate in the future. We also have transiting Neptune making a trine to the Moon and a focused quindecile to natal Venus. Neptune’s sign Pisces sits on the cusp of the 9th house, the house when the laws of the land can be found. Putting things all together, here we have a fundamental change in the law benefitting women. Supporting these transits, we have transiting Mercury conjunct the natal Sun trine to natal Saturn so this indicates the timing of the announcement from the King about the new laws. Transiting Saturn is square to the Saudi Ascendant and makes a sextile to the Saudi Venus, again progressive change for women’s issues. Transiting Jupiter makes a sextile to the Ascendant as well as a trine to it’s natal position and natal Neptune. Jupiter highlights legal issues and bring an optimism to the country and fulfils a dream (Neptune) the women of Saudi have had since the country was formed.  Across the world, these changes will be warmly welcomed.

Major changes are still yet on the way for Saudi Arabia, as the Saudi ascendant at 11 degrees Cancer will soon be opposed by transiting Pluto in 2013 and hit by a square by transiting Uranus.

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