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Saturn Sextile Neptune - Righting the Wrongs of the Past...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Saturn sextile Neptune - Righting the wrongs of the past...

One of the more important aspects of 2019 is now forming, with Saturn in Capricorn closing in on a 60 degree sextile to Neptune. Neptune sits at 14 Pisces, and Saturn is currently at 13 Capricorn. There will be three hits of this aspect running throughout 2019, firstly at the end of this month on 31st January, then on 18th June and finally on 8th November 2019.

Now we all remember a couple of years ago when these two planets were in a square aspect. This was the height of the election season in the US as this aspect occurred from late 2015 to the autumn of 2016, and the dominant themes of the days were refugees flooding across Europe and fake news - yes that old chestnut.

Now we have a new Saturn Neptune aspect to affect us, and this one is much nicer and just as powerful, as of course both of these planets are in their own signs. Thankfully, rather than causing problems, these two planets are going to be in harmony and so they will bring us all opportunities in 2019. Good aspects don't come along so often in regards to Saturn and Neptune, and so this is one that we should try to exploit to its fullest extent.

As you may be aware, Saturn represents structure and slow worldly progression, and Neptune when it's in a good mood is creative, imaginative, intuitive and loving. This is an aspect of harnessing all of those dreams and feelings inside you and moulding them into something more tangible that can serve you well for years to come. We can make the things we love or believe in come to life, we can take spirituality around us and use it to bolster our self belief, and we can simplify situations to make them more manageable, by sacrificing what we don't need and building on what we do require. This aspect is about catching a moment, letting our imaginations run wild and harnessing the impossible or the intangible.

This aspect will benefit healthcare and social services, we may start to see advances and a more mature attitude to drug taking and use, it will be beneficial for maritime pursuits and the use of water and the seas, and in political terms, this aspect will see more radical left leaning or more democratic ways of administering taking a slightly firmer hold, as attitudes mellow and the grip of conservative rule is gently eroded.

And as for fake news lies and trying to hoodwink the public, well those arguments and practices will be fading away, as people use their common sense, imaginations and feelings to realise what is actually real and what is imaginary. With Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces (their own signs), we will be now attuned to each of these concepts separately in isolation and in balance, so that we can work out one fairly against the other.

You know, under this aspect reality is going to hit home and will be laid bare in all its glory, opportunities to set things straight will present themselves, the truth will emerge, order will be made out of chaos and confusion, the deceptions of the past will be presented in their true light, and hopefully justice will start to prevail...

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