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Sathu mavu(Nutritious Multigrain,lentil and Nuts Mix for Toddlers) & and a Click

By Harini
Today's post is about sathu mavu,the literal English translation being 'nutritious flour'. This the most popular weaning food for toddlers in India.Before the advent of so many so called healthy packed weaning foods available plenty in the market now,this was prepared in every home to feed the children.Even now there are so many well informed parents and elders who prefer to feed their children with gruel made from such home made powders instead of store bought ones.
It is a power packed breakfast or an evening porridge to kids,keeping them full and giving the energy for the active toddlers. Below I am posting the recipe for this powder and I feed my toddler daughter this one. This recipe is suited for kids above one year,also makes an excellent breakfast porridge for school going kids. For school going kids,this can be mixed with milk instead of water and lil bit of cardamom can be added for flavor.
Sathu mavu(Nutritious multigrain,lentil and nuts mix for toddlers) & and a click
200 grams par boiled rice
150 grams whole wheat
100 grams split moong dal(pasi paruppu)
100 grams finger millet(ragi)
50 grams barley
50 grams sago
50 grams roasted dal(pottu kadalai)
20 cashews
20 almonds
Roast all the ingredients separately (except roasted dal) till a nice aroma wafts. Once cooled mix all the ingredients,combine with roasted dal and grind to a fine powder.Sieve if neccessary
Sathu mavu(Nutritious multigrain,lentil and nuts mix for toddlers) & and a click
1.The above proportion is what we use in our home,these proportions can vary from home and home,Usually rice and split moong dal are main ingredients,and the other things are decreased proportionally
2.I prefer preparing it in small quantity often,than storing it for long time.If
2.This preparation best suits for kids above one year. If your child is less than one year it is better to avoid nuts,nuts can be added as the child grows.
3.Corn kernels,peanuts,soya etc can also be added as the child grows or if this preparation is for children older than two.
How to make gruel (kanji) for kids
Take about 100 ml of clean water,add two heaping teaspoons of the prepred powder and stir continuously on the stove top till the mixture is thick.Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and mix well. You can feed it either at room temperature or warm.
Along with this post I am sending my click for the event 'colour me white' This is the picture of sago used in the preparation of sathu mavu
Sathu mavu(Nutritious multigrain,lentil and nuts mix for toddlers) & and a click

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