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Said Goodbye to ARod on Friday, The Get Down & Sausage Party on Saturday and of Course LOTS on Sunday Night

Posted on the 15 August 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Trivia Answer:  Kanye West was presented with last years MTV Video Vanguard Award by Taylor Swift.

First Fives: Mike O'Dea & Chuck Chiocco
THE NUMBERS Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Summer Olympics-NBC 9.2/31.2
Big Brother-CBS 1.7/5.1
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.1/5.1
Life in Pieces-CBS .8/3.4
Code Black-CBS .5/2.3
Thursday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .6/1.2
Big Bang Theory-TBS .5/1.6
NFL Preseason-NFL Network .5/1.2
Cleveland Show-Adult Swim  .5/1.0
Summer Olympics-NBCSports .5/1.4
Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 365,000 Interactions 
Hannity-FOX News 50,000 Interactions
Impact Wrestling-POP 21,000 Interactions
CNN Tonight with Don Lemon-CNN 17,000 Interactions
Braxton Family Values-WE 16,000 Interactions
THE SHOWS Big Brother
  • Flashback to 24 hours before the Eviction Ceremony
  • Natalie told Zakiyah that Paulie was a snake, Z should've known this already but she's a moron
  • Paulie's FROM NJ, isn't he? He hates Jersey girls? WTF?
  • Natalie told James about Paulie's comments which was actually a smart move
  • James and Paulie in the bumper car beds just made me laugh even though there was nothing funny going on
  • Paulie called Natalie OUT which was super uncomfortable and honestly, not good at all for his game   
  • What was Paulie clapping about? Did Cory have a clue why he was clapping. 
  • Paulie's game is totally imploding and he knows it
  • #PPFallout 
  • Victor and Paul are in the middle and they know it and what's better, they know how to play it
  • The BB house has a strange power over the people in it. Where else would a guy in a duck tube hold hands with another guy and jump together in a storage room?
  • I liked the HOH Hollywood Squirrel comp
  • America's Care Package hit Natalie right in the head
  • Snoutlet received scrunchies for that rats nest and Super Safety that came along with a very cute costume.I agree it was thebomb.com
  • I really don't think that Paul has a clue what the word friendship means
  • Victor nominated Paulie and Corey Claus #Blindside Big Time
  • Blindside Friendship Dance was hilarous
  • Whoa Whoa Whoa...Paulie's crying. OMG...it's a game Paulie! You SHOULD know how to play it. You got toooooo cocky and needed to zip your mouth up! 

Ray Donovan
The good news for Ray...no visit to the dry cleaners, but someone did bring up the fact that his car always looks like it's just been detailed. Pretty sure he didn't have time to go to the car wash in between visiting Cochran and the Texan at the hospital, picking Mick up from jail, driving Connor downtown and scaring the crap out of him, helping Stu out of a major porn jam and then blackmailing Dyckman to help Terry and Hector get their fight back At least he didn't have any dead bodies to deal with. The writers are having a little fun with Ray this season, aren't they? First they had him singing karaoke and then last night he was dancing with Connor and Abby in the living room which I thoroughly enjoyed. Too bad the neighbor had to show up and ruin the first stress free moment Ray's had in months. How funny was Mickey? He was enjoying his gig in the gay wing so much he was planning on performing "I Am What I Am" for sing-a-long night. I would have actually liked to see that happen. I'm sure Ray would have too, he actually smiled just thinking about it. First order of business for Mick, help Bunchy get his woman out of the looney bin and then head back to Nevada to get his woman back. You know something bad is going to happen. Turns out Theresa's got a history of crazy and I'm betting the meds wear off and Ray has head back to Nevada to get them all out of trouble...again. I love Lina. She was just sitting in her office stalking her ex on Facebook when Ray called with her job of the day. Ghost Stu's computer which of course she could do in 10 seconds and OF COURSE the second she started, he was online watching tranny porn. Hector's sister, Lisa Bonet, went on TV and told the world that they have a lot in common with Jamie and Cersei Lannister. Not cool, Cersei would have never done that. Not sure I'd have taken Abby's approach with Connor. Steal a gun from your parents...okay...lets go to the shooting range and teach him how to use it. You know this is going to end badly.  Probably the same exact time Connor kills someone, Ray will get the call from Bunchy in Vegas to come rescue him and Mick from trouble but in the mean time, Ray's day was done. He took care of everyone and everything. All in a days work, now he can get home and get back to Just Dance. 
I sense crossover episode here. Ya know who needs Ray Donovan? Ghost and Tommy!  Power was INSANE last night. INSANE. Tommy's been a wreck ever since he was almost assassinated by the Koreans. Pretty sure he had a gun in his hand the entire episode and was going to explode in one way or another. Of course doing blow with your Mommy doesn't help calm anyone down, let alone Tommy. It's always stressful when your Mommy shows up unexpected, but when you also have your crazy redheaded girlfriend in the house, it increases the stress level...just a bit. Holly finally pushed Tommy over the edge when she used that ancient Blackberry to put a hit on Ghost. Not sure what headphones Tariq owns but they must be REALLY good ones for him not to hear a bunch of guys getting shot to death right behind his head. Was that Ghost's security team that saved the day? I was a bit confused. Kane had Dre's daughter in the air when he got home from work. All Kane wanted to do was chilax and have some dinner but Daddy showed up and pretty much showed him that he would throw his little girl and her baby Uggs out the window if he didn't do what Daddy says. Fitty Cent scares the crap out of me. He seems so nice on Live with Kelly. Between Angela, Greg and Mike I'm not sure if anyone won anything on the legal side of the story. Ghost, Lobos and Ruiz, all made out pretty well if you ask me. So since Ghost doesn't have Ray's number, he had to help Tommy wipe all the drool off the walls and bury Holly's body. I was happy to see Holly go, but man what a crazy scene. Tommy had to have crushed Holly's windpipe. Wait til he finds out she was carrying his kid. That will reallllly send him over the edge. Now Ghost and Tommy have a reason to reunite...Kane & Lobos...both need to go. Can't imagine what's to come at this point, but I really  hope whatever it is it can be handled with out anymore drool.

I  had a pretty busy weekend. Went to say goodbye to ARod on Friday night. Crazy black cloud over Yankee Stadium and the loudest clap of thunder when ARod took the field. Pretty sure George Steinbrenner paid someone off big time up there in heaven to make that happen. Saturday my husband and I went to see Sausage Party. It was funny, not hilariously funny though. A little long, a little stupid, a little bit much. I'd wait for it and watch it from home when it comes out in a few months. I also started watching The Get Down on Netflix. I'm on episode 3 and enjoying it so far. Again, not the best thing ever, but enjoying it nonetheless.

Just to be clear, in case there's even a question in your mind: If you kick anyone at work you will be fired. Thomas Gibson is out for good at Criminal Minds.  Apparently the dude's had some anger issues before and has even gone to Anger Management training. Guess he should try to get his money back since he obviously learned nothing. Now he's pretty much screwed.
Have you ever heard the names Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly before? No? Well...they are new SNL co-head writers. Lots of changes at SNL. Lorne's obviously NOT sitting around entertaining this Summer.  He got rid of Taran Killam, got rid of Jay Pharoah, got rid of Jon Rudnitsky and now, Rob Klein and Bryan Tucker have been ousted from their head writing gigs in favor of Sarah and Chris. Shockingly to me, Kyle Mooney is STILL around. How in the world is this guy STILL around? HOW???

Monday's Trivia Question: What was the name of the Magazine on Suddenly Susan? 

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