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SAFC Vs PNE Guess the Score: the Coleman Factor and Keeping Faith

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland

Monsieur Salut writes: here’s another Guess the Score. Pete Sixsmith may or may not enter but is already fearful of another home defeat, sensing that Preston North End are simply too well organised for us. As each matchday passes, the exercise of predicting results looks more academic. The point may soon come at which not even blind faith and predictions of SAFC-winning scorelines can any longer make a difference to the way things will end up in May …

Salut! Sunderland is not about to wash its hands of Sunderland AFC, or even to wash its hands of the labor of love running this site entails.

Each of those mostly closely concerned with what we try to do on these pages has decades of support under the belt even if personal circumstances make the level of attendance at games a matter of great variation.

We have therefore been there, done that. We know following Sunderland is hardly, for the most part, a case of savouring glory, more one of unrequited love.

We won’t stop being SAFC supporters because the club has been allowed to slide in disgraceful fashion towards what we used to call the Third Division, even then with no likelihood of a Gates or Gabbiadini, not to mention a Benno, Armstrong or MacPhail, to bring us straight back up. Savour the video I have posted above. Or maybe don’t; it might reduce you to tears.

I did speculate a few weeks ago (ie a few draws and defeats ago) about withdrawing prizes from Guess the Score. But for now, the competition remains as it was.

Impertinent as this may seem, I shall also suggest that Chris Coleman’s best bet for retaining the goodwill he largely enjoys is to accept that since draws are now of virtually no use whatsoeever, there is no longer the least room for negativity.

Bringing off Asoro when the hapless Steele was sent off at QPR went down badly with the betrayed traveled support, and it is no great surprise that it should have done so. QPR are hardly the best team we’ve faced all season. We ought to have pressed on for a scrappy win, even with 10 men, knowing full well that we simply haven’t the sort of side that can be trusted to see through half a game without conceding.

Coleman, of course, is paid a lot of money to know better.

But where does he honestly expect survival points to come from – assuming he still believes in his heart that the other relegation contenders are bad enough to allow us to escape – if we seek merely to avoid defeat, not to win?

SAFC vs PNE Guess the Score: the Coleman factor and keeping faith

Something like this – you choose the names

SAFC vs PNE Guess the Score: the Coleman factor and keeping faithGuess the Score. Be right, be first, have a UK delivery address and the usual mug will be yours (eventually – I am notoriosuly slow to order prizes) whether you support SAFC, PNE or someone else entirely. Bear in mind that whatever the PNE Who are You? interviewee predicts will be the valid entry for that scoreline.

Ha’way the Lads.

SAFC vs PNE Guess the Score: the Coleman factor and keeping faith

If you can bear to look, clicking the image leads to the Salut! Sunderland home page

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