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RYNLG02 - The Secret Behind Collaboration and Massive Engagement with Listly Co-Founder Nick Kellet

Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Stacie Walker Stacie @staciewalker


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." — Henry Ford 

Contributing Author: Stacie Walker

My guest on today's podcast episode reveals the secret behind collaboration and massive engagement in one word...


Listly combines crowdsourcing, content curation & embeddable lists to drive high-level community engagement, live inside your blog posts.

Nick Kellet is the co-founder of the social-list content platform Listly and he has a LOT to share in this podcast episode. 

Nick, a passionate innovator, self-published a board game instead of the predictable book. His game, GiftTRAP, gamifies the act of gift exchange is translated into 12 languages & won 20+ awards globally including a Spiel des Jahres prize (a gamer’s Oscar).

What to expect during this podcast episode:

1.) Nick explains in detail how and why Listly outperforms SlideShare four to one!

2.) Nick reveals how bloggers are limiting their reach by not using embeddable content on a regular basis.

3.)  He discusses a big mistake people are doing on social networks and content networks.

Enough with the reading, it's time to dive right in to this episode:

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 Listly: A Guide to Curating Your Own Lists the Right Way

I have been fond of Listly ever since I discovered it in 2010. 

Listly provides the opportunity of real time engagement and collaboration with other people. Remember, engagement is key to getting noticed by others.

If you aren't using Listly or have an account but not sure how to use it to your advantage, then Nick is here to the rescue. He has created a presentation on SlideShare for you to use as a guide to curating your own lists the right way. 

How Can You use Listly for Massive Engagement and Collaboration?

  • Curate your own list and embed the live content right inside a blog post.
  • Add your content to a list already created.
  • I use Listly to organize and simplify my Resources page. I create a list for my resource page because it's a great way for me to keep track of what tools I use to build my business.

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 Image Credit: Nick Kellet

About Stacie Walker:

Stacie Walker | Contributing Author

Stacie Walker is an International Best Selling Author, Podcast Producer, Internet Business Strategist and Mentor. Stacie adores working with professional leaders and entrepreneurs in the small business, home business, and online business industries.  

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