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Ryan Kwanten Tells Vulture He Lobbied For More Jason and Sookie Scenes

Posted on the 03 August 2012 by Tbfansource @tbfansource
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The past few episodes of True Blood this year have seen the reunification of Jason Stackhouse and his sister Sookie (Anna Paquin). Jason’s portrayer Ryan Kwanten recently told Vulture in an interview that this was something that he and Paquin had wanted for awhile. In addition, Kwanten talked at length about his character’s evolution this year and revealed why he once ended up running a triathlon drunk.

Jason and Sookie are now trying to find out who killed their parents this year and now that they know the killer is a vampire, a lot of people including Vulture are now wondering if Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) will figure into the picture. Ryan, of course, couldn’t say much but he did say that Jason will have to decide whether he blames all vampires or just one. He also said that he has wanted more scenes between Sookie and Jason for a long time.:

“Anna and I have been petitioning for it for a little while. It really helps to keep the show grounded with that honest reality of seeing a brother-sister relationship. We were also cautious to make sure Anna [who is pregnant with her first child] was looked after all the time. We’ve been shooting this show for over five years, so we’re a very tight-knit crew who really adores Anna. And she was such a trooper.”

Ryan Kwanten Tells Vulture He Lobbied For More Jason and Sookie ScenesOver the course of the season thus far, we’ve seen Jason shift gears in terms of his motivation. He’s beginning to learn that he has more to offer the world than just sex. Kwanten says that he will have a steep learning curve because of that. But interestingly, he doesn’t think of Jason as dumb but rather simple. There’s an innocence  about him that allows him to get away with the things that he does. But he’ll have to face many things due to the multiple stories his character is involved in:

“Jessica will definitely come up again, and it’ll have its obvious ramifications. I love that they have Jason drifting in and out of all these story lines. Bon Temps is never short of police activity, so there’s always something for him to do. And he’s taking his job very seriously — that is another way in which he’s evolved. He’s finally found something he may even be remotely good at.”

Kwanten also reviewed some spoilers about next week’s episode Gone, Gone, Gone where Jason is said to find a scroll:

“It’s the beginning of answers, and perhaps even more questions, for Jason. The scroll is sort of this ancient … from a long time ago. I’ve got to be careful. It’s from a long time ago, and they have to figure out its meaning, but also figure out if it has anything to do with … if he can connect it with his parents dying. I feel like an idiot saying it like that.”

Outside of True Blood, Vulture also discussed Ryan’s outside interests which are hard for him to have time for due to being so busy all the time. This time crunch once led him to run a triathlon drunk:

“That is true! I work very, very hard, so when I do get the chance to go out socially, it’s a relatively big night. I also have hobbies on the side, and quite often one runs into the other. It’s surprising when you are drunk — believe me, I’m not endorsing getting drunk and doing a triathlon — but there is a numbness that comes over you when you are drunk. The element of pain doesn’t seem so pervasive. That afternoon, once the hangover kicked in, that was not very good.”

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Source: Vulture.com- “True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on Drunk Triathlons, Zero Gravity, and Jason Stackhouse’s Brain”

Image Credits: Jason Merritt, Getty Images and Getty Images

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