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Russia’s New Billboards Showing Breasts Causes Over 500 Road Accidents

Posted on the 20 October 2014 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

The billboards, reading “They Attract” in Russian, managed to attract the attention of many drivers and have caused 517 accidents in just one day.

“I was on my way to a business meeting when I saw this truck with a huge photo of breasts on its side go by. Then I was hit by the car behind who said he had been distracted by the truck. It made me late and left my car in the garage, and although I am insured I am still out of pocket,” said Russian motorist Ildar Yuriev.

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Apparently the advertising firm wanted to get some attention before they launch their new mobile advertising format that goes in the side of trucks. Well, mission accomplished!

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