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Russia Begins to Receive Christian Refugees Fleeing Egypt and Syria

By Mendeleyeev

Christian refugees from Egypt are beginning to arrive in Russia as the Muslim Brotherhood government has instructed Egyptian police not to respond whenever Egyptian Christians are attacked.

The Christian Solidarity International Project estimates that currently there are over 100,000 homeless Christians in Egypt due to violence by Islamic radicals in the past months.

photo: Dmitry Pakhomov visited this Christian Egyptian family living in this room.

Dmitry Pakhomov visited an Christian Egyptian family newly arrived to Russia and living in this room.

For centuries Muslims and Coptic Orthodox Christians lived peacefully in Egypt. With the new American backed government of the Muslim Brotherhood now in power, Christians in Egypt are being forced from their homes, thrown out of their jobs, and many are being killed.

Photo: Dmitry Pakhomov. This Egyptian woman is pregnant and was taken to a Moscow hospital where she was denied care at first.

This Egyptian woman with pregnancy complications was taken to a Russian hospital where she was denied care at first due to lack of immigration papers.

Dmitry Pakhomov of the Christian Solidarity International Project says, “Today, in some parts of the world’s Christian population is at greater risk, even to genocide, by deliberately sowing evil forces that create conflicts which cause  enormous humanitarian damage to civilian populations.

Unfortunately American foreign policy backs Muslin rebels who are the demonic and evil forces responsible for killing Christians resulting from the overthrow of governments in places like Egypt and Syria. The USA president, his administration, and the American people have blood on their hands for supporting those who allow this to happen.

Christian Solidarity International helped the woman obtain refugee status within Russia, including medical access.

Christian Solidarity International helped the woman obtain refugee status within Russia, including access to emergency medical care.

To learn more, sign a petition, or donate to help support Christians whose lives are in danger, click on this link.

Now with temporary refugee status, this family will live in this small room.

Now with temporary refugee status, the pregnant lady and her family will live in this small room.

The pregnant woman, and Egyptian Christian kicked out of her home and who fled to Russia, has been given this one room for her family to live. They have been granted temporary status as religious refugees.

The cleansing and genocide of Christians in Egypt and Syria has begun and the Obama administration is backing the very rebel forces who are killing Christians. Let your voice be heard by sending a petition to the US government and by sending aid to Christians who are in very real danger of being exterminated.

Photos for this report are from Dmitry Pakhomov of Christian Solidarity International Foundation and the Russian Orthodox Church.

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