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Russell Brand – From Drug Addict to Worldwide Star

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Russell Brand

In the past week, you haven’t been able to avoid Russell Brand on British TV as he has been on a publicity blitz for his new film “Arthur”. Through his distinctive style and his outrageous antics, Russell has been able to forge an international career from humble beginnings and has recently married to singer Katy Perry.

Russell was born on 4th June 1975 in Grays, Essex in the United Kingdom. I do not have an official birth-time but through rectification by looking at events in his life including his recent marriage, I estimate he was born close to 14.40 hrs. If anyone reading this article does know an official time of birth for Russell, please contact me and I will update the article accordingly.

A Sun sign Gemini, communication is everything to Russell, especially as Mercury also sits in the same sign; both occupy the 9th house of belief and knowledge. Russell has a socially aware Libran ascendant (if the birth time is correct) and a go ahead Aries Moon in the 7th house of partnerships. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini means that Russell has a restless, inquisitive mind, a thirst for knowledge and philosophy, for reading and writing. He will be very jovial, quick witted and sharp in reply, will always want to know what is going on in the world, and will have a fascination with foreign people, culture and language.

RussellBrand natal

The Sun is one corner of a very stressful mystic rectangle formation on Russell’s chart. on the other corners we find Pluto on the Ascendant, Neptune in the third house and Mars/Moon conjunct the descendant in the 7th house. Rectangles show great creative potential, and the energy will flow nicely around the edge of the rectangle however, the oppositions through the centre can cause all amount of trouble if the individual has not got everything in proportion. The oppositions in this particular rectangle are a Sun/Neptune opposition; a mutable Gemini/Sagittarius one and Pluto opposite Moon/Mars in cardinal Libra/Aries. Sun Neptune is extremely creative, dreamy and escapist. Sagittarius/Gemini is the Peter Pan of oppositions, child like extremely talkative, restless and wanting to know everything. A significant Neptune is almost always found in the charts of those in the arts, in film and in TV and Sun/Neptune is associated with alcohol and drugs. We all know the trouble that Russell has got into when he overstepped the boundaries of decency in his BBC radio show (he got fired) and hosting the MTV awards he insulted George Bush when he was President. He also went completely off the rails on drugs early in his media career becoming a heroin addict. The problem is that Sun/Neptune knows no boundaries and Russell doesn’t know when to stop. The other opposition sees Pluto conjunct to the Ascendant opposite Moon/Mars in the 7th house. Pluto/Ascendant is very intense, Russell will provoke strong feelings in people about himself and he will often have to reinvent himself several times in his life. You can see the Scorpionic (Pluto rules Scorpio) influence with his strong features, wild hair and his preference for dressing almost always in black. Moon/Mars is the need to be first and he will wait for absolutely no-one. It indicates that his partnerships (7th house) will be stormy, even though the women in his life will be hugely important to him. Russell will be lost without being in some kind of permanent relationship. Russell has had “a lot” of relationships too, shown by Jupiter (the planet of excess) also in the 7th house conjunct to Moon/Mars. The opposition hints at control issues with regards within them, as well as magnetic ties between himself and the one he cares about. If those ties were to be broken, Russell would be hugely hurt and it may transform (once again) his whole persona.

Looking at the other planets I haven’t yet focused on, we find individualistic, rebellious Uranus in the first house square to Venus and trine to Mercury. Russell will do and say as he pleases and will not worry how anybody thinks, perfect for being a stand up comedian. Uranus/Venus indicates that he is easily attracted to unusual and talented women, but those attractions may end abruptly; he also will need plenty of freedom within those relationships. Venus and Saturn are found in the 10th house. Russell will take his profession very seriously and he will want to build a big work reputation, being very hard on himself if that reputation is ignored or not recognized. Venus here means that he will want to be admired for his artistic gifts and he will be married to his professional life, maybe even more so than with his partner.

Right now, Russell’s Saturn has just passed over his ascendant in the past year and Pluto is hanging around the cusp of the 4th house. He is starting a new 28 year cycle of growth which began with his marriage last year. Pluto correctly indicates his change of residence from London to Los Angeles as he pursues a Hollywood film career. Solar Arc Sun has progressed to conjunct with his natal Saturn and square Jupiter so professionally Russell is lucky and is moving on well with his career aims, and with the Solar Arc Midheaven trine his natal Moon he is favourably in the spotlight. More long term, it may well be that moving to the US he will be going through a slightly quieter period in his life as he establishes himself in America. Mind you, quiet in Russell Brand’s life is quite unlike 99% of most people in the world. Just because he is like he is and the fact that the mystic rectangle includes both his Sun, Ascendant, Mars and Pluto, his life will be shaken up again in a new way before too long.

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