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RUSK Anti Frizz Hair Treatment

By Philamazan @philamazan
RUSK Anti Frizz hair TreatmentWeddings and festive season is here.And many ladies out there would like to go for hair re-bonding which causes immense damage to hair.Makes them fragile and prone to breakage.The best alternative is to go for RUSK anti frizz treatment.This will result in 80-85% straightening with minimal damage.While re-bonding permanently straightens the hair strand, Anti frizz causes gentle stretching of the strands and the protein fills in the gap.This way when the new hair grows there is no major demarcation between the new outgrowths and the chemically treated hair.This effect lasts upto 4 months but with good aftercare ,maybe extended to a year.After re-bonding the chemically treated hair does not revert back to the natural form so you have to eventually cut it off.But anti frizz slowly reverts back hence you don't need to cut off the treated sectionRUSK Anti Frizz hair Treatment
 WHAT IS IT? This innovative frizz remover eliminates frizz, deeply conditions, adds incredible shine, and increases manageability.WHO IS IT FOR? It’s perfect for clients who want shiny, deeply conditioned hair without frizz.WHAT DOES IT DO? This two-step process alters the pattern of frizzy hair, leaving hair more manageable and easier to dry and style. With its special blend of plantbased keratin, AntiCurl™ ANTIFRIZZ restores hair’s natural protein, helping each strand stay strong and flexible.RUSK Anti Frizz hair TreatmentHOW DO YOU USE IT? 1.Wash hair with Rusk Keratin shampoo
2.Apply step 1 all over hair(mentioned on the bottle)Leave for 30 mins
3.Rinse.Apply RUSK keratin treatment Leave for 10 mins
4.Dry hair and iron with Brocato iron (shown here)
5.Apply step 2Leave for 15 mins
6.Rinse and dry hair.RUSK Anti Frizz hair TreatmentPRICE-Starting from Rs.5000 (depending on hair length)You can book you appointment at Headstart salon.Call-01165186373;01165186374or visit FB page HEREAddress-M5,GK1 ,M block market ,New delhi.
AFTER CARE PRODUCTS- RUSK Anti Frizz hair Treatment
RUSK Anti Frizz hair Treatment
RUSK Anti Frizz hair Treatment

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