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Rupert Murdoch Told by British MPs That He is Unfit to Run an International Company.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Rupert Murdoch

It must be a humiliating day when as the owner of a multi million dollar international corporation you are told that you are unfit to run your own business. That damming verdict was issued today by a Parliamentary select committee investigating the phone hacking scandal that has rocked the British media world. In theory, it could signal the start of a witch hunt in the UK by those in power to drive Rupert Murdoch from our shores. It seems all in sundry have had enough of one man dominating up to 40% of the media output in the UK. Once upon a time, everyone wanted to court Rupert Murdoch but those days are fading, and he is increasingly being seen as a rather sad, manipulative and divisive figure.

MurdochRupert transits

Here’s the first of three charts to explain what is happening in Rupert Murdoch’s world. Of course today’s event was an announcement of a report, to which you suddenly think Mercury the planet of communication. Transiting Mercury sat today directly on Rupert’s North Node, his point of ultimate destiny, square to both Saturn and Pluto hitting of course the Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Tyl notes that this connection brings depression, morbid thoughts and quite ironically brings stark realism into focus. The transiting Nodes are now square to Rupert’s 9th house Neptune, and transiting Neptune is now opposing it’s own position. This unfortunate combination is starting to dissolve (Neptune) his overarching international (9th) media and TV (Neptune) empire. Notice also transiting Saturn in the 10th house of career acting as the voice of authority square to Rupert’s 8th house Mars. Here are big changes and controls (8th) on the way to stop Rupert’s worldly progress (10th) dead in it’s tracks. Saturn also rules his 1st and 2nd houses, so I am guessing this withering attack on his character and capabilities may take some toll on Rupert’s own physical health (1st) and self worth (2nd). Finally transiting Pluto opposes Rupert’s 7th house Jupiter. Open enemies (7th) are now looking to control (Pluto) Rupert’s international (Jupiter) business dealings (Pluto).

MurdochRupert progressed

So to the progressed chart above where I concentrate on the progressed Sun and Moon. The progressed Moon is now moving through Rupert’s 12th house, coming to the end of it’s 28 year passage around the horoscope. This generally is a time of deconstruction and changes in one’s life, a time when all that you have been building over the years often starts to break down in preparation for when the progressed moon hits the ascendant. That is exactly what is happening now to Rupert’s business empire. Often these changes happen around you without you realising them, and once you do realize that they are happening it is too late for you to do anything about them. The progressed Moon and the progressed Sun are now both square to Rupert’s Midheaven, signalling major problems in one’s career. When the square from the progressed Moon comes from the left side of the chart (12th, 1st or 2nd houses), there are often problems of one’s own making that affect the career through bad judgment or business decisions. This certainly rings very true in Rupert’s case.

MurdochRupert solar arc

Finally to the Solar Arc chart which finds Solar Arc Saturn almost exactly square to that same 7th house Jupiter showing restriction of Rupert’s international business portfolio as well as making a nasty exact inconjunct aspect to his Midheaven again showing a challenge to his career prospects. Being his 1st and 2nd house ruler, the decision made by the select committee will not only hit him personally and affect his own self-worth but may hit him eventually in the pocket too. Solar Arc Uranus has been opposing his ascendant over the past year or two highlighting a new start or a change of emphasis in Rupert’s life and Solar Arc Mars is now conjunct his South Node and has been opposing his Uranus. This suggests sudden actions that have affected a lot of people – certainly the closure of the News of the World and later the launch of the Sun on Sunday newspapers were actions which can described by these connections (Uranus rules Murdoch’s 3rd house of communications).

It is one other link on this Solar Arc chart that I also find very interesting. That one is an exact quindecile (0.02 degrees) between Solar Arc Sun and Rupert’s natal Moon. Noel Tyl says about this connection between the two personal planets that it is a time when one “sees the light”. Maybe only now as his actions are being called into question will Rupert Murdoch start to see the error of his ways.

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