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Run Baby Run, Boston Levi Q&A and 5 Quick Questions!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

The personal musical journey of Boston Levi started in his teens and early twenties when he dove into music as a listener and started to play the guitar. But in 2020 it took a big step forward professionally with the release of his debut single Feel It All, followed by the March 2021 release of his new single, Run Baby Run.

We caught up with Boston Levi for a little Q&A to learn more about him and his life in music. And we got him to play his first round of 5 Quick Questions (you can watch it later in the post).

But before that, there's the music. The music video for Run Baby Run is live now, and we'd invite you to hit play and give it a watch and listen. It's rock and roll from a singer-songwriter, and it's a strong second offering in an emerging career for the Perth, Ontario native. And, if there's more coming like this as his career moves forward and we get closer to EPs and albums, Boston Levi is in good shape.

With Jay Emmons ( The Glorious Sons ), and his new label 745 Music, coming on board, Boston Levi has a fantastic support system and creative collaborator on his team. And it's going to be exciting to watch that relationship grow and to see what Emmons does next with Levi and other artists.

Now, hit play on Run Baby Run, watch the new music video, listen to the song, and then check out the Q&A and round of 5 Quick Questions!

Boston Levi - Run Baby Run

Boston Levi Q&A

Q1. You've said that the music side of your life took a massive leap forward in the summer of 2020 - what role did music play in your life before this big jump?

Boston Levi. ​From what I remember I first really got into music during my high school years. At that time I started listening to different bands and genres and ultimately found out what I connected with most. When I was about 20 I started playing guitar and since then my guitar has come with me everywhere. Basically inseparable.

Q2. As a former hockey player, do you find any similarities at all between your previous career and this new one in music? Preparation, practice, drive, teamwork, etc?

Boston Levi. ​I think in all professions preparation and practice are vital steps if you want to be successful. Nothing ever comes easy and if you want to be the best in something you have to put the work in. As far as teamwork goes, I don't really have a band yet but when the time comes I'm certain it will be an important piece of the puzzle. Team success is impossible if everyone is on different pages. I'm looking forward to having a team and making that work.

Q3. What has it been like to have Jay Emmons (The Glorious Sons) on your team and working so closely with you as you jump into your career in music?

Boston Levi. ​​ It's been amazing. He's meant everything to me in this stage of the game. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am in terms of music. I'm lucky to have met him when I did and for him to take a chance on me is something I'll be forever grateful for. I can't thank him enough.

Run Baby Run, Boston Levi Q&A and 5 Quick Questions!

Q4. If there's one takeaway that's the biggest from his advice or watching him work so far, what do you think it is?

Boston Levi. ​​Probably that hard work prevails but at the same time, it's important to have fun while working hard. During the recording period for my EP, we put in a lot of hours but every second of it was a good time.

Q5. If you could describe yourself as an artist to people right now, how would you do it in as few words as possible?

Boston Levi. ​I would say I'm passionate and honest about what I'm writing. I try to use real-life experiences to help people feel something and connect with my music. Ultimately if I can make someone feel when listening to my music that's the goal.

Q6. Last question - if we asked you to create a playlist that included your music, what other artists would you be putting on the playlist to go with it?

Boston Levi. The Glorious Sons, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Wilderado, Matt Mays. Mostly just some of my favorites 🙂

Now, hit play and check out Boston Levi's debut round of 5 Quick Questions.

5 Quick Questions with Boston Levi

Thanks to Boston Levi for taking the time to answer our questions and play a round of 5QQ. Hit play to listen to more music now. Enjoy!

Run Baby Run, Boston Levi Q&A and 5 Quick Questions!

Run Baby Run, Boston Levi Q&A and 5 Quick Questions!

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