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Rumbunter : The One With Neal Huntington (the GM) - The Postseason Episode

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Here you go, kids - sorry it's not as timely as it should have been. Recorded it last Thursday and I should have had it up by Saturday at the very latest, but there've been some difficulties recently in the Cocktailsfor2 household, so...
Frequent-and-becoming-most-popular guest Neal H. goes over the 2013 season, AJ, Taillon, Wandy, Polanco, Hanson, Rule 5, 40-Man roster, AFL, and more. As usual, he's very generous with his time, and we certainly appreciate it.
Speaking of appreciation, I also wanna thank everybody on PSF who listens to the podcast - even if you don't leave a comment - Pirates fans are the best, and you're exactly why we do this. So thank you, and also a very big THANK YOU to Kipper & Steelreign for letting me post it up here.
As usual, there are technical glitches, this time mostly because lightning hit my building recently and screwed up my ethernet & modem. So a coupla times, conversations are just gonna stop mid-sentence. Not a lot I could do about that.
Your thoughts on the 40-man roster? Who's gonna be left exposed in the Rule 5 Draft comin' up?

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