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Romantic Summer Wedding in Athens with Lovely Flowers│ Korina & Demetris

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Today’s wedding could not be any prettier with its romantic flower arrangement from baby’s breath blooms and chamomile. A very happy couple, Korina and Demetris after 6 years of dating decided to get married in Athens with a charming ceremony next to the beach. “We kept the rest of the decorations very simple, since the location we chose was stunning on its own and we wanted to keep the focus on the nature and the beauty of the sea in the background”, Korina shared with us, who was stunning in the romantic a line wedding dress. The couple chose a great combination of flavours from Intercatering which satisfied the desires of guests and Photographic Photography captured every special moment from their celebration. We’ re truly enchanted by their story and spirit!

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We were both living in Belgium at the time and my Greek flatmate was adamant that her friend Dimitris would be a great match for me. We eventually met and slowly started getting closer, through discoveries of mutual interests such as Legos and F1. Then we somehow started dating right after our friend left Belgium. She was right after all”, Korina shared with us.


“Dimitris proposed to me after 6 years of dating, most of it long-distance between Brussels and Athens and then Zurich and Athens. We were sailing the Ionian islands with a few close friends and my birthday happened to fall in the same period. Dimitris organized a surprise party for me at a remote beach bar in Lefkada and to the astonishment of all our friends (and our skipper), he proposed in front of everybody later that night! We danced on the beach at night and enjoyed unforgettable moments. Since we are both very private, I never expected him to propose in public, but sharing these moments with close friends made it a perfect choice”.


“A year after, through a pandemic and many plans that were changed last minute, we were finally married! We preferred a more minimalistic concept and our wedding planner, Maria Maroulidou from InEventive, was very quick in understanding our preferences and in finding the right partners for us. Corina has always loved baby’s breath in weddings – she never saw it as a filler flower. We got married by the sea and we found the white of these flowers to contrast perfectly with the blue backdrop. We also added chamomile, also some of our favorite flowers, to add summer vibes to the decorations. All our flower arrangements consisted of baby’s breath and chamomile, including my bouquet. We kept the rest of the decorations very simple, since the location we chose (Ktima 48) was stunning on its own and we wanted to keep the focus on the nature and the beauty of the sea in the background. We added candles and small vases with flowers throughout the venue – to also enjoy in the bar and lounge areas and around the dance floor. The table centrepieces were also very simple and continued the rustic chic and minimalistic concept of our wedding.  We had 2 jars with baby’s breath and one with chamomile on each table”.


“We saw some wedding stories on Love4weddings that gave us some inspiration in our wedding planning…”

From Corina: “When many of my family and friends who couldn’t travel due to the pandemic restrictions put together a video with their wishes and arranged for it to be played during the party. This moved me to tears! I also loved being able to dance non-stop and enjoy these beautiful moments with the dear people who could make it”.

From Dimitris: “When I saw my beautiful bride coming down the aisle with her long veil and he sun behind her pretty smile”.


“I searched for wedding dresses both in my home country (Romania) and in Switzerland, where I live. I tried on so many dresses that were very beautiful, but they just didn’t seem fully right. I even started doubting whether I could find a dress that felt good and didn’t need any adjustments! I was surprised to find a dress in Zurich that had the details I was searching for. It was A-shaped, it had enough lace to keep it simple but sophisticated and a beautiful open back. I never thought I would like a dress with a train, but I found this one in particular to be a great combination. A week before the wedding, I decided to wear a long veil as well – I am very happy I didn’t skip this! I felt the veil complimented the dress perfectly and it also made a nice effect in the wind while walking towards the chapel”.


Bride’s advice: “Accept that most times, weddings don’t go according to plan. Stay flexible and in the end, don’ t worry about the little (or major) details. This should be one of the happiest days of your life! There were some things that didn’t’t go according to plan in my wedding and there were many close people who could not make it, but I felt like the happiest bride. It was perfect. Don’ t forget to have plenty of fun and dance the night away!”


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