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Romantic Destination Wedding in Naxos with Lovely Details | Julie & Nicolas

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Romantic destination wedding in Naxos with lovely details | Julie & Nicolas

Picture this: a gorgeous destination wedding held in Naxos, one of the most beautiful greek islands, filled with the most prettiest details! Cycladic Events designed and planned every detail of Julie and Nicolas’ summer wedding, enriching with beautiful white roses and lush olive leaves that perfectly matched the natural surroundings of this beautiful greek island. Romantic lanterns, wicker baskets and white fabrics, created the ideal setting for an island wedding. Julie and Nikolas with their loved ones by their side, seem to be enjoying every moment and with Nian Photography capturing everything, their destination wedding in Greece is definitely not to be missed!

Captured by NiAn Photography.


«Nico proposed to me on the beach during sunset on the beautiful island of Naxos, it was very romantic and emotional. We spent many summer holidays together on this island as my family has a house there…», the bride shared with us.

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«I chose a simple dress from a French designer, Laure de Sagazan and a more sophisticated top from another one, Caroline Takvorian. I kept the top for the religious ceremony and the cocktail and took it off for the dinner and the party. It was like having two different outfits. »

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«We chose a neutral color palette for the decoration with white flowers, beige linen, olive branches… the venue was beautiful as itself with its stones, olive trees, pampas grass and the mountains surrounding it, so it didn’t need much more. »

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The bride’s advice: «Try to let go as much as possible on the day and don’t be scared to ask for help. Enjoy the moment because it goes very fast. »

romantic-destination-wedding-naxos-lovely-details_30 romantic-destination-wedding-naxos-lovely-details_31

«We had more than one favorite moment, when our guests surprised us with a dance, they all learned on the song Jerusalema during the cocktail which was very emotional. The speeches our family and witnesses made during the cocktail and dinner were memorable and when we entered the tent as a couple on the Sirtaki song, all the guests joined us to dance which was very fun. »

Julie , Bride

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