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Rodney Dangerfield Of Turtles Found In Box After 30 Years, Almost Thrown Out

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The Daily Mail reports that a family in Brazil was cleaning out a storage room in their Rio Home when they discovered a box with an old record player inside… which they took to the curb to throw away… leading to a neighbor asking if they were throwing away the turtle inside the box…

Turns out the turtle was the family pet which disappeared 30 years ago, and possible survived eating termites in the wooden floors.

This is the Rodney Dangerfield of turtles! 30 years locked in a storage room, and then about to be thrown in the trash.

3 Other Ways A Turtle Can’t Get No Respect, No Respect

1. Being trapped in a box featuring records of the band the Turtles for 30 years, more than a decade past the band’s prime, making it unlikely anyone would stumble upon this obvious clue.

2. 30 years of eating nothing but termites while trapped in a storage room, and then upon escape a termite says “Hey, stupid, if you didn’t eat us, we could have eaten a hole through the walls, leading you to freedom in time to see the Thriller video debut.”

3. “I can’t get no respect. I won a race against a hare. Too bad the prize was the human race, who left me at the finish line in a storage room for 30 years.”

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