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Rockport, Indiana Ohio River Bluff: Little Indiana Tackles the Upper Cave

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Rockport, Indiana: Ohio River Bluff

Rockport, Indiana: Ohio River Bluff

little Indiana is absolutely, totally, and completely scared of heights–so why wouldn’t I climb up to the Bluffs in Rockport, Indiana to reach the cave that overlooks the Ohio River?

Metal stairs and stone steps can’t hold me back!

Rockport, Indiana Bluffs

We always pick the best of days for these outdoor Indiana town adventures of ours.

It had been raining off and on. Pouring at times, even. Of course the stairs and stone were slightly slick (and I hate that feeling of being soaking wet!).

I think even under the best of circumstances–I would have found this to be a terrifying climb (I’m scared of heights, remember?)! Reaching the top doesn’t exactly scream “safety” to me.

Thanks to the way too many horror movies I’ve seen I was sure that at any moment the river was going to overflow and trap us in the cave inside the bluff forever! Melodramatic? Maybe a little.

Indiana Caves

Rockport, Indiana: Ohio River Bluff

Rockport, Indiana: Ohio River Bluff

Metal railings strive to keep visitors from falling out of the thing though you will still need to watch your step. There are a few rather large gaps between the railing and the cave floor.

But what a view! Once I got past the thought of dying at any moment, it was really neat to see the boats scooting along the Ohio River.

Why risk life and limb? Well, how often have you sat inside of a cave inside of a bluff overlooking a big body of water in Indiana? I’m guessing not very often.

Go There

Rockport, Indiana: Ohio River Bluff

Rockport, Indiana: Ohio River Bluff

This is one unique Indiana attraction! Can you imagine being the first person to discover this one? This isn’t it–stay tuned to learn about the other cave. You’ll love that bit of Indiana history.

Check it out for yourself. Head on over to Rockport, Indiana and take a look around. I would recommend that you wait for sunny, rain-free type of weather!

Find pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream or on the new little Indiana Tumblr blog.

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Rockport, Indiana Bluff and Upper Cave by the Ohio River
It is not at the location shown on the map below–instead, keep following Main Street as it winds around and turns into S 1st Street. Really, just aim for the Ohio River off the downtown and you’ll find it!

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