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Rockin’ the Tchotchkes: Promotional Products Still Pack a Punch

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
  • February 19, 2015
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Rockin’ the Tchotchkes: Promotional Products Still Pack a Punch

If you’re putting the final touches on this year’s integrated marketing budget, don’t forget to earmark funds for promotional products, still one of the “highest impact and most cost-effective marketing strategies that businesses can employ,” according to the Ad Specialty Institute (ASI).

Results of the group’s comprehensive study, released in December, 2014, show that at an average of just one half-penny per impression, promotional products are more cost effective than print advertising, and about equal in price to spot radio and internet ads, both of which can be more complex and time-consuming to produce.

The study (again) affirms the enduring effectiveness of ad specialties and gives integrated marketers fresh new research that supports increasing promo products’ role in their new-year marketing.

What’s Hot and Why

A whopping 77 percent of study respondents cited ‘usefulness’ as the biggest reason for hanging onto a promo product, while a significant number noted a preference for ‘attractive’ articles or those that are ‘enjoyable’ to have. The most popular items in 2014, according to ASI, include:

  • Calendars (kept on average for about 9 months)
  • Outerwear (7.3 months)
  • Drinkwear (7.1 months)
  • USB drives (6.9 months)
  • Bags (6.8 months) and caps (6.0 months)

Other promo items gaining honorable mention were: desk/office accessories; shirts, health/safety items; and writing instruments. In a related article, one British ad specialty company predicts that portable power banks (used to charge cell phones and other devices) will be 2015’s most desired giveaway.

Recall Rises with Exposure

The study also said that repeated logo’d impressions can produce a brand recall rate of up to
85 percent, with future purchase intent of 36 percent. Sixty three percent of those who don’t keep promo items report passing them along to others, so brand recognition still continues to accrue.

As this previous post reminds, successful promotion campaigns don’t happen by chance. A reputable ad specialties partner can help you develop a solid strategy and provide a variety of highly creative, value-added services, including design, writing, imprinting and distribution. When you’re ready to rock the tchotchkes (as the research suggests you should), use this
tried-and-true campaign checklist to help get the results you want.

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