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Robert Pattinson – Uncomfortable in Being the Star That He Is. The Astrology of the Young British Actor.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, the young English actor is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood and is probably best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series of films starring alongside Kristen Stewart. Looking at his horoscope, I think it reveals a young man with much talent but also someone who will find it difficult with all the attention he has suddenly attracted.

Robert was born on 13th May 1986 in London at 08.32am. He is a Sun sign Taurean and has a Cancerian Moon conjunct to a Cancerian Ascendant. His chart very much reminds me of Gary Oldman who I looked at a couple of months ago. Gary like Robert has a Cancerian Ascendant and Moon, and is notably a private man. Robert’s chart is very similar, yet seems even more pronounced in this need for privacy, as his Moon sits in his 12th house. We have a Taurean Sun that likes to build a life and career, yet a hugely protective and emotional Cancerian Moon hidden away in the 12th house. The Moon here does not like to be in the public eye period, and for an actor and someone who has promote the work that one does and looks as marketable as Robert is, this will prove to be a hugely difficult balancing act for him to achieve. The fact that Robert will be publicity shy shows so much in a very restrictive quindecile between Saturn and the Sun. He will be very tied and close to his family, and when he needs solace and peace, which at times will be very necessary for him, here is where he will return to. This aspect has other qualities that I will expand on later. As for his general nature, being a Taurean, he will be rather possessive and when he makes his mind up on things, it will be difficult if nigh on impossible to shift his point of view. The Sun makes a nice trine to Mars so he will be a winner, quite competitive and very generous of spirit. The Sun and Mars trine is made into a mini grand trine to Jupiter in the 10th house. There is no doubt that he will want to make a huge international impact with his work and career.

RobertPattinson natal

The Moon and Ascendant in Cancer is part of a creative Kite formation connecting to Jupiter and the Midheaven in Pisces (the sign connected with acting and films) by a positive trine and the backbone of this kite is an opposition between Mercury in steady Taurus in the 11th house and Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th. This Pluto is the driver of the kite, and indicates an unquenchable and compelling drive to be creative and to be known as someone special, echoed by a quindecile between this Pluto and Robert’s Sun. The trine from Pluto to Jupiter and the Midheaven brings him empathy, huge sensitivity and creative ability and increases the desire for recognition. Pluto’s connection to the Moon and Ascendant gives him deep emotion and if anything strengthens his defensive and secretive nature. The opposition to Mercury makes his communication deep and incisive and makes his mind searching and looking for the deeper meaning in anything he studies. Through this kite you can see that he will be eminently suited in the future to emotional roles which require depth and understanding of character and feelings.

Talking of emotional roles, Robert’s emotional life is likely to be quite interesting as he grows older. With a Venus/Uranus opposition and with transformational Pluto in his 5th house of love affairs and  Mars sitting in his 7th house of partnerships, Robert will be attracted to feisty, unusual and talented people and his relationships are likely to be quite stormy and will define his life. With Capricorn on the cusp of his 7th house, Robert should be looking for quite down to earth steady partners, however I think he will have difficulty in finding them. The square between Venus and Jupiter shows a reluctance to face up to potential relationship problems and the partying nature of this square would suggest that Robert would think that the grass may be greener on the other side. This is a guy who needs plenty of freedom within relationships and who values his friendships very highly.

Indeed, this is an area where Robert really will shine.  His North Node sits in the 11th house. Celeste Teal says about the 11th house North Node that “this is the romantic dreamer that likes being seen as a hero.” How appropriate a statement for an actor like Robert? She goes on to say that through his friends, groups and associations that he aligns himself, he will derive great personal satisfaction. Serving humanity through these contacts rather than asserting his personal power will be his ultimate destination in life as he matures. I can see him being a focus for many charitable causes in the future. The fact that he has a soft and impressionable soul is shown through an opposition between the 12th house Moon and Neptune in the 6th as well as a quindecile between Neptune and Venus. There is much kindness to him that lays behind the scenes as well as a hugely creative mind. There is a nice trine between Mercury in Taurus and Neptune which without doubt indicates musical ability and possibly psychic tendencies.

Finally I come to a packed 6th house which is full of heavyweight outer planets, namely Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I did mention about the Sun/Saturn quindecile earlier on. Here we see a pull back on the outgoing nature of the character. A shyness, possibly huge self-doubt. The cusp of the 2nd house of self-worth could either be ruled by the Sun or Moon with the end of Cancer and start of Leo being here  however as both are the Moon and Sun are afflicted by aspects from Neptune and Saturn, we do know that Robert doubts his own abilities and talent. One thing he will never be is lazy in his work routine. Saturn in the 6th square to the Midheaven shows huge ambition and a real dedication to work hard. He may be rather unstructured and will hate repetitive tasks and Robert will have a very sensitive physique. Health is one thing I do wonder about with him. When Saturn comes calling in making stressful aspects to these 6th house planets in quick succession, I do wonder in the future if Robert may suffer some health problems.

For now anyway he is young, strong and is one of the most high profile actors in Hollywood. How he balances the high life and his considerable ambition with his overriding need to stay in the shadows and behind the scenes is a dilemma that he himself will have to come to terms with. One hopes he does fulfill his destiny and as Neptune moves into Pisces, the sign of dreams and sensitivity which holds both his Midheaven and Jupiter, he can become one of the great romantic actors of his generation.

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