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Rise Up Redux 35th Anniversary Edition, Country for a Good Cause

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
Rise Redux 35th Anniversary Edition, Country Good Cause

Music is at it's most powerful when it makes a difference. In its biggest moments, music can change lives. And with the 35th Anniversary edition of Parachute Club's Rise Up, The Common Cause Collective (3XC) is aiming to do just that.

All proceeds from sales, streaming, etc. of Rise Up Redux (35th Anniversary Edition) will go to charities, hand-picked by original lead singer and co-writer, Lorraine Segato. It's an amazing idea, one that we fully support, and that we hope brings in A LOT of money for deserving causes through

17 Canadian country music acts came together to form 3XC and record the song, bringing more than 20 great voices to the song, making for an amazing listening experience. But the video is something special too. With visuals from around the world, showing more than the first-world luxuries or old farms and backroads we're used to seeing in country videos, it stands out. But it's more than just that.

The song itself, and the accompanying video are a statement and a message. They are a call and a stand. Clips in the video showing women's rights, civil rights and anti-racism marches now and from the past, LGBTQ pride parades, First Nations marches, and anti-poverty demonstrations, are all incredibly powerful. But they're also unusual for the format. It's not every day that a country song or a country artist (let alone a group of 17 acts) represents views that are seen as the political left. And while the argument can (and should) be made that equality, love, acceptance and basic human rights and respect shouldn't be political, the fact is, they often are made to be that way.

Segato says about Rise Up, "The song first signalled a call for equality and empowerment in 1983. Today its message is as relevant as it was 35 years ago." we wish we didn't have to, but we agree.

Watch the Music Video for Rise Up Redux (35th Anniversary Edition)!

There's a pride and happiness in my heart listening to the uplifting lyrics and nature of Rise Up with the voices of Canadian country artists we have had the pleasure of meeting, talking to, and getting to know a little bit over the last few years. There's pride as a country music fan, as we are all often seen or portrayed as those who would oppose freedom marches rather than support them. There's hope that this song will make the difference that it intends to make.

We highly encourage all of you to listen to the country version of Rise Up, and stay tuned for more anniversary recordings coming this year. And, we also encourage you to share the song with your friends, families, and communities, to help spread the message and help raise funds for the charities involved.

Congratulations and love to all of the artists involved. ❤️🧡💛💚💜💙

Rise Up Redux (35th Anniversary Edition) Country Artists - The Common Cause Collective

⭐ Brett Kissel
⭐ Cold Creek County
⭐ Dan Davidson
⭐ Don Amero
⭐ Gord Bamford
⭐ Jason McCoy
⭐ Jessica Mitchell
⭐ Jess Moskaluke
⭐ Jojo Mason
⭐ Kira Isabella
⭐ Leah Daniels
⭐ Madeline Merlo
⭐ Meghan Patrick
⭐ River Town Saints
⭐ Tebey
⭐ Tim Hicks
⭐ The Washboard Union

*produced by Karen Kosowski

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Rise Up Redux - The Common Cause Collective (3XC)
Rise Redux 35th Anniversary Edition, Country Good Cause
Rise Up Redux 35th Anniversary Edition, Country for a Good Cause

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