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Rise Up Men! If Your Woman’s A Democrat, Stop Having Sex With Her!

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

Rise Up Men! If Your Woman’s A Democrat, Stop Having Sex With Her!The Liberal Lunatics are up to it again! This time it’s a moron named  John Blumenthal on that trash rag, the Huffington Post. The other day he posted an article titled, Rise Up Women! If Your Man’s A Republican, Stop Having Sex With Him!”

I have a MUCH better idea. Assuming you’re a stupid enough conservative to be dating a liberal woman, withhold sex from her! We know all liberal women think men are just sex machines, even though all the atheistic liberals are the most hedonistic people on the planet! Since liberal democrat women want free contraception, and free abortions, you’re probably just saving your un-conceived child from being dismembered at the hands of an abortion doctor anyway.

Lord knows how many other men your Democrat woman is having sex with! After all, the liberal women are now competing with womanizers to see just who can be more a whore. Just read the latest posts in online women’s magazines about ‘safe’ random hookups and one night stands! It’s repulsive!

I’ve got an even better idea, Conservative man! Grow a spine and divorce or dump your liberal woman! She has no problem letting you foot the bill while she takes your money and gives it to that idiot, Barry Obama! Let her collect foodstamps, work her shitty job and beg for more handouts from the government without your assistance! 

There are many, lovely, amazing conservative woman who would be happy to have sex with you if it came with traditional marriage and real commitment. And study after study has shown that married conservative people are happier, more secure and have more sex than all the single swingers combined! 

In short, traditional marriage is where it’s at…as long as you’re not married to a liberal democrat


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