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Riley Cooper In Hot Water For Dropping An N-Bomb (Bonus Taiwanese Video)

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

Via Crossing Broad

Yeah, probably not the smoothest move in this guy’s career.  Didn’t really need to go that route I imagine.  Sure he’s drunk off whiskey and intoxicated from the sounds of Kenny Chesney, but that’s no reason to act like this.  Maybe it’s time to retire the cut off plaid and pony tail and act like a big boy.

Here’s his apology to everyone he’s ever known via twitter.



P.S. This guy went to Florida too?  Jesus, I sure picked the worst college football team to follow when I was young.  Cooper, Hernandez, the Pouncey Bros and the god like figure that is Tim Tebow.  Surprised they didn’t just do a reality tv show on that team.  Hard Knocks College Style.  Who cares if they got paid, I’m pretty sure all these guys were getting it under the table at this point.

S/O to Crossing Broad

Taiwanese Video Version!!!

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