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Ridiculous Fake Kylie Cosmetics Products Available Online

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

fake kylie cosmetics

Whenever a certain product –whether in fashion, beauty or tech– became very popular and trendy, there’s no doubt a bunch of knock offs will be manufactured in a few weeks. Of course, Kylie Jenner’s eponymous makeup line is no exemption. Last June, I wrote a post on how to spot fake Kylie Lip Kits and it has been the most popular post in my blog that solely receives 2000-3000 views daily. In there, I particularly discussed the fake Kylie liquid lipstick that some online sellers are trying to sell as authentic but further research… or rather online window shopping that led one to another, I discovered a bunch of fake Kylie Cosmectis which the actual store are not even selling. From fake Kylie lipstick, fake Kylie gold edition, to fake Kylie pressed powder eyeshadow, I think I’ve seen it all!

fake kylie lipstick

This was the first item I saw. As far as I know Kylie Cosmetics is NOT selling lipsticks like these. Out of curiosity, I clicked and found out they’re selling it for Php750 which is around US$15 for a box which consist 12 shades.

fake kylie box

It ain’t actually a bad deal… if you don’t consider that it is a knock off of a product that doesn’t even exist in the actual brand, and those things the scientists found in fake cosmetics. But this online adventure is just starting to get more interesting.

fake kylie lipstick - magic

You know that thing on the bottom of online shops where they feature other products you may like, well, that’s where I found this “Kylie Magic Matte Lipstick 2-in-1” which is obviously another fake ’cause I’ve never heard it from the actual Kylie Cosmetics site. I don’t know what’s “magical” about them but they are 2-in-1 where both end have a matte lipsticks, which is ridiculous!

fake kylie lipstick - magic

Why make a 2-in-1 lipstick if both end are matte lipsticks with the same shades?! But at least they are cheap. This only cost Php260 which is around US$5 only. But on that price I highly recommend you to buy a Colourpop Lippie Stix instead.

But there’s more… my fake Kylie discoveries didn’t end here yet.

fake slim kylie lipstick

These are another fake Kylie lipstick, but kudos to the packaging design, they’re cute! If you’re not familiar with Kylie Cosmetics you’ll think they’re legit because it looks so good. They cost only Php130, around US$2.71 on the latest conversion rate. This one is actually the product I’m curious to try, but I don’t want to waste money on fakes when I already have a bunch of the legit products from the brand.

fake kylie lipstick gold edition

And when I thought I’ve seen it all… I saw these fake Kylie birthday edition. For those who didn’t know, Kylie gold editions or “Kylie Birthday Editions” –which what they are actually called– are only available on Kylie Jenner’s birthday month which is August but they extended it through first half of September. If you still see some shops that are selling them around this time, THEY’RE PROBABLY FAKES. This one cost Php69-90 or US$1.44-1.88 but I’m not sure why some are cheaper than the other.

fake kylie slim lipstick

And this fake gold Kylie comes in two designs. But just because there’s another one it doesn’t mean it’s real. Both of these are fake because Kylie Cosmetics only sells liquid matte lipsticks and lip liners and no other type of lipsticks yet. This has a more glamorous packaging and a little expensive. In latest Philippine Peso to US Dollar rate it’s $3-5. And again, for this price, buy Colourpop instead!

fake gold kylie lipstick

But wait… there’s one more fake gold Kylie! And these are kinda look like the packaging of MAC matte lipsticks but in gold. At first look you may thought these are some limited edition MAC but they’re actually fake Kylie lipsticks.

fake gold kylie lipstick

I forgot how much they are, but I think this one has the closest shades to the original, but they’re still knock offs. And I’m not sure if the quality is good.

Actually, this where the part I thought I’ve seen it all, but then I saw this.

fake kyshadow - fake kylie eyeshadow

There’s already a fake Kyshadow! It’s like Kylie Cosmetics’ mashed up with Urban Decay’s famous Naked palettes. It only cost roughly $5! For that price you’ll only get one eyeshadow shade in brands like Colourpop, but here you’ll get a palette. But I don’t guarantee it has the same quality and pigment the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows has.

fake kylie eyeshadow gold

FIY, these fake Kylie eyeshadow also comes in gold birthday editions which cost only $4 in latest conversion rate. By the way, the packaging’s model isn’t Kylie Jenner.

Now, I think you think you’ve seen it all already… but below where it gets more absolutely ridiculous.

fake kylie cover powder

THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Was the first thing I said when I saw these “Kylie Perfect Cover Powder” which cost $4. But it doesn’t end there, of course there’s also gold birthday editions.

fake kylie loose powder and foundation

There’s also fake “Kylie Loose Powder and Foundation” for your face baking needs for only $1. Which ridiculously have the Kylie Lip Kit logo But wait… there’s more!

fake kylie foundation

My favorite out of all these fake Kylie Cosmetics is this “Kylie Powder Foundation” which cost only $2.71. It’s a gold birthday edition and comes with three shades. But ridiculously have the Kylie Lip Kit logo as well. Just FYI, the dripping lips is only used in the lipstick products.

You maybe wondering why I’m blogging about these fake Kylie products. I’m not promoting them to encourage you to buy them. Instead, I want this to be a warning to inform you that these products are fake in case you saw it online and the seller is selling it as authentic.

For the record, Kylie Cosmetics does not have a solid matte lipstick and they don’t sell foundation nor powders as of the moment. And the authentic Kyshadow is square, not rectangle. Lastly, Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t cost less than $10, it’s quite an expensive brand actually. So if you find something that is jaw-droppingly cheap, it’s fake.


I just learned that there’s not just fake Kylie products, but there’s also an actual FAKE KYLIE WEBSITE. Everyone, be careful! I will not share the fake website’s address yet to avoid getting popular. But they look exactly a lot like Kylie Cosmetics but there’s a few things I find fishy. First, they still sell Birthday Editions which actual Kylie Cosmetics stopped selling since September, and 2 the links to Kylie’s app and social media accounts are blank. Only buy from website because that’s their only website.

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