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“Rich Kids Of Instagram” Site Might Make The Readers That The Site Insults Rich In The Future!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

An anonymously created site on Tumblr, called “Rich Kids Of Instagram” allows young Americans to post pictures of themselves showing off excess, ranging from pouring Dom Perignon on spaghetti sauce, their heads, or just pairing it with a hot dog and a girl in a bikini, according to CNBC.

CNBC also notes that the site has created a genre known as “receipt porn” where kids post photos of expensive receipts like five-figure bar tabs.

Rich Kids Of Instagram boasts:

“They have more money than you and this is what they do.”

Dear CNBC: we have an idea, since it seems like many of these kids are not so bright by posting things like credit card images, and receipts, and other things on the internet…. Keep an eye on these kids in the future, because if they inherit and run companies the way they run their online images, they sound like future CEOs of great companies to short! And if that’s the case, the people being mocked by the site can hopefully have more money than some of these kids when the kids inevitably run their parents’ companies into the ground. Until then, here’s:

3 Dumber Things Rich Kids Could Post Online Than Images Of  Their Amex Card, Receipts With Partial Credit Card Details, and License Plates of Their Cars

1. Photos wearing diamond encrusted T-shirts endorsing any political candidate. Even Mitt Romney has minimum standards, namely Kid Rock and Donald Trump. Unless you’re running for Deputy Mayor of Your Family’s Guest House, your endorsement probably won’t benefit any candidate of any party.

“Rich Kids Of Instagram” Site Might Make The Readers That The Site Insults Rich In The Future!

Our proposed contribution to Rich Kids Of Instagram. A fine fragrance from Bass Pro Shops.

1. Photos of their first pet, a $1.5 million Tibetan Mastiff, and its name “Grand Mastiff Flash.” First pet names are a typical internet security question to help you regain access to your bank accounts, when you’ve forgotten your password, because you’re still drunk the next day from too many bottles of Champagne.

2. Photos of their tattoo that reminds them of their passwords to all of their online accounts. Because passwords can be so hard to remember! So why not tattoo them on your body, so you know where to look for them, when you need to quickly access $40,000 to cover a bar tab? Oh right, because you might pose for a shirtless photo in front of your parent’s yacht, exposing the password to the world. (P.S. we know the tattoo is your password, because you chose “Password,” one of the most common passwords used online, because most people can remember it without tattooing it on their bodies.)

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