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By Colloquial Wordsmiths
People all around ask him And inquire him every time. What is so special about the name REYDHIMA that he scribbled about. A A Is she about the love he lost Or about someone in his mind? About someone with whom he was close Or the portrayal of imagination on the canvas he did. A A Today he stands to open up his heart About the girl he loved so much and could not stay apart. She wasn’t his romantic fantasies But the best buddy he got. A A A girl who came from the blues In his life. Caring and helping him like a sister, Praying for him like a mother. A human with all the emotions she gave. A A A A And one day he accorded with the term cherub and asked her- “What is cherub? “ And she just gave reply with a pleasant smile. A A One she wasn’t there and the place was empty. The girl he loved so much was loved by  God the most. Thy Supreme called her to fulfill his wishes for his men. And left his child alone. A A She left leaving a note beside To- Reyansh | By- Ridhima was written on envelope with “I am cherub” on top. A A The note she left when she went back,  read – “I’ll always be with you. The name will remain together forever And from there I will fulfill the wishes for you. “ A A He was broken inside but got a power in spite. The power to write. She went alone empty handed and left a gift. Today he tells her story to the world, on her 18th birthday and this is his gift. – AMBER [REYANSH] MISHRA

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