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Review–The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1) Novella by Kresley Cole

By Megan Love Literature Art & Reason @meganm922
6388558 The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1) by Kresley Cole Summary: Nikolai Wroth, once a ruthless human warlord in the 1700s and now a general in the rebel vampire army, needs to find his bride, the one woman who can render him truly alive. As a turned human, he doesn't enjoy a heartbeat or breathing and is consequently weaker than fully blooded vampires. He wants his bride for the power she will bring him and can hardly believe it when his heart beats for Myst the Coveted, a mad, fey, mythological creature.
She eludes him for five years, but he has finally chased her to ground and stolen the jewel which commands her, giving him absolute power over her. While he possesses it, he can make her do anything, and he plans to in order for her to experience firsthand the agonizing, unending lust she'd purposely subjected him to for half a decade. Yet when Wroth realizes he wants more from her and frees her, will she come.

Source: I purchased a Kindle copy  Add to Goodreads  Review:  I’ve been hearing people rave about a lot of paranormal series out there, including this one. I am a huge fan of the author’s YA series, The Arcana Chronicles, and I’m a fan of all of the tension between the characters. Those books gave me so many feels, I could only imagine how awesome the adult series would be. I was in the mood for some good romance, but not in the mood for YA, so I thought this would be a good place to start, especially considering I think she’s an awesome writer.  I enjoyed the novella and Wroth’s character. I couldn’t stand Myst at all. It was really hard for me to care about her at all and I wasn’t really rooting for her. I thought she was cocky and mean and I know she was supposed to be, but I guess I find it harder to enjoy a story with a heroine that I hate. I felt like Wroth could have and should have done better. Despite hating Myst, I did enjoy the storyline. And there was definitely steam. It was… well.. a lot more than I expected.  I was very confused by the world. At first, I thought it was set way in the past, but then there were a few modern day references. It was weird. I thought that the world should have been built more, but I realize that the book was a novella and not meant to be a major story. Despite hating Myst and also being a bit confused, the conflict interested me, the connection between the characters was well done, and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. And it was pretty hot. I’m not sold on the rest of the series yet, but for $1.99 on Kindle, I definitely don’t regret my purchase. I would recommend the novella if you’re in the mood for a good steamy paranormal that is up there with the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Honestly, with books like these out there, I have no idea why anyone bothers with 50 Shades. ;)  4%2520star

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