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Reviewing the Survival/Tactical Knives by Atlas Dynamic Defense

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture Atlas Dynamic Defense is a knife company from North Carolina who specializes in tactical blades and survival solutions for travelers, hunters, and wilderness explorers. With experience overseas through wartime, the ex-Marine makers of Atlas’ knives have brought home a certain ruggedness that defines these hardcore blades, which is apparent within minutes of seeing and holding each blade. It’s more than quality of material and craftsmanship, it’s the design that speaks most resolute, as each piece that I’m going to test is unique in each their own way, especially the first two designs… Reviewing the Survival/Tactical Knives by Atlas Dynamic DefenseReviewing the Survival/Tactical Knives by Atlas Dynamic DefenseReviewing the Survival/Tactical Knives by Atlas Dynamic Defense Picture THE BUG-
The Bug and the Noc are perhaps the most unique designs of the bunch, as they’re small but powerful, discreet and concealable, yet they keep a wicked sharp edge for when you need it most. The Bug is meant to be discreet, easily concealed, so for travelers, it’s difficult to imagine a time when you may need something like this, except if you find yourself in a rough, or lesser governed area overseas. It’s design allows you to carry it on a dog tag chain, keyring or stashed inside ones belt.
The Noc, however, is different than the Bug in that it boasts a more refined blade, with a thicker steel body and sharper edge, made for longer and more intensive use. But the aspect that shines for me is the handle, which gives the user a stronger hold for precision use and keeps fingerprints at bay. Yes, that sounds a bit scary, but you have to remember these are made for the special forces work overseas. For travelers, I would only suggest this piece if you’re worried about self defense.

The Puk is a small, utility style blade that is easily concealable, yet built to handle just about anything that the wild world could send your way. The way its built means its strong enough to handle the most demanding of situations. The Puk is a capable blade meant for self defense, but is highly useful for skinning and survivalist projects. I found the size to be great for backpackers, but it is more difficult to do precision work, since the pinky has no place on the handle.
The Harbinger S is the slimline design of Atlas’ flagship knife, the Harbinger. The S is a low-profile 3.5” length blade that boasts a thinner blade with a slimmer, sleeker handle. But just because it’s smaller and slimmer doesn’t mean it’s weaker by any means. The handle fits better than the Puk, but is less ergonomic than the original Harbinger blade. It’s well balanced and capable of handling anything from self defense to skinning, as well as wilderness survivalist projects.
The Harbinger is Atlas Dynamic Defense’s flagship knife, and rightly so as it’s the knife that impressed me the most from their collection. Atlas claims, “You will not find a better built field or combat fixed blade knife anywhere on Earth,” and I am inclined to agree with them. Not only is the Harbinger comfortable fitting in-hand and well balanced, it’s built for a lifetime of hard use and hard work. This blade can handle just about anything you set your mind to, from survival and field use, to combat and self defense, this knife is built to last the most extreme conditions and is designed to help you survive them.
The Harbinger Rex is something straight out of Call of Duty Zombies, because it’s a serious blade in a serious size. Like all of Atlas’ knives, it was built from Crucible CPM S-30V, which gives it an insanely tough physique and long-lasting lifespan. Atlas finished each blade with deep-cryo treatment, which is then hardened to 57-58 Rockwell, which means it’s a monster. It’s big and intimidating yet feels balanced when handling and using the blade. The handle fits perfectly, giving the user the ability to work with precision and meaning. The Rex is capable of handling just about any situation you may find yourself in, no matter if you’re a wilderness explorer or a soldier.
All in all, I came away very impressed with the collection of knives by the folks over at Atlas Dynamic Defense. They range in size and design, yet each style has their own specialty, and sure some are capable of a range of activities, but even if you go too small or too big, each knife can and should handle just about anything that comes your way. The blade metal is thick, strong and is finished elegantly, while the handles are form fitting and provide a solid support system for when wielding them. The sheaths are heavy duty, made of molded Kydex, which helps to prevent mishaps. If you’re a serious travelers or explorer, then one of these knives may be perfect for you, and very well may help save your life.
If you would like to find out more about Atlas Dynamic Defense, click here.
Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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