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Reviewing the San Francisco Camera Pack for Photographers by Lexdray

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture As a travel photographer, one of the biggest difficulties as far as gear goes, is finding the perfect pack that can hold all of my gear. You might think the easy solution is picking a large enough pack, but when you’re a backpacker, or are on an expedition in the wilderness, weight and size, and security matter a great deal, because each and every piece of gear is almost always a quick mistake away from being destroyed. Modern camera gear has grown by leaps and bounds technologically, and the quality of imagery that comes out of the smallest DSLR or mirror-less camera is astounding, but where the modern designs have fallen short is their longevity.
Picture What do the plastic pieces and the mirror on cameras, the glass lenses, and the thin plastic memory cards have in common? They’re exceedingly weak and so easy to break beyond repair. Through my twelve-plus years of working as a photographer, I don’t know how many times I’ve had a tripod fall over in the wind or by some happenstance of my own making, and a lens smashes hard to the ground, shattering the filter and splintering the glass inside. I’ve had memory cards crap out in the middle of photographing a wedding, and I’ve missed the perfect shot, because of some gear malfunction or memory card mishap. While it’s impossible to totally prevent fate from toiling with your work and gear, it is possible to take precautions, and one of the most important is by carrying your gear properly.
Today, I thought it would be nice to feature the San Francisco Camera Pack with Monterey Insert by Lexdray, because it is one of the finest backpacks for photographers. Lexdray is a fantastic gear storage and luggage company, because they go above and beyond with their products. They don’t choose the cheapest fabrics to make up a bag, nor do they cut corners to cut the cost of the item, because they set out to make the best bag for photographers. And I’d have to say they have succeeded with this pack; because as they say, it’s built better and smarter than the average bag.
Picture When you’re looking for the right gear pack as a photographer, you should consider your style of photography, and of course the gear you want to transport. The fit of the bag is important, but the way the bag fits your equipment is the most important question, because if you have a large travel pack that you can’t take as a carryon, yet you’re flying somewhere, then your bag is subject to all sorts of falls and external damage, so you want your camera and lenses to fit snug, within a hardshell case, surrounded by soft, shock absorbent material. Lexdray has mastered this with the SF Camera Pack, because not only is the main compartment fitted with modular insert packs, but they are built with thick water-resistent fabric, fitted around a semi-hard shell, and the insides are made complete with a similar material as most high end guitar cases.
What I love most about the San Francisco Camera Pack is that it’s versatile and built with optimum quality in mind. The pack comes with the Monterey Insert pack, which can hold multiple camera bodies and lenses, and it’s removable, while the entire main compartment of the bag can hold up to three modular inserts. The largest of the front pockets zips down almost all the way, revealing a myriad of mesh, zippered and soft velcro pockets, which are perfect for memory cards, hard drives and other small gadgets, and tools. More pockets litter the bag, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, making the SF pack a true organizational bag. Additionally, the shell material is made up of an ultra-durable weather-resistent fabric and the hardware on the bag is rated as military grade, so you know it will have your back no matter what the weather throws at you.
Picture On the outside of the pack, there are compression straps that can hold a tripod on one side, while two handles join the pair of very comfortable shoulder straps, which allows the user to carry the pack vertically or horizontally. And if you fear that your gear obsession will leave you with a bad back, Lexdray has designed a removable waist strap to better balance the carry weight. All in all, I love this camera pack, more than any other I’ve tested, tried or carried abroad, because it is high quality and built to last, and even more importantly, it’s built to save your expensive photography gear through whatever comes your way.
If you would like to find out more about Lexdray, click here.

Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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