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Reviewing the Progress of El Tiempo, South China Morning Post, Goteborgs Posten

Posted on the 21 June 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: Our email basket is full with pdfs arriving from places as distant as Colombia and Hong Kong, plus Sweden.  The talented art directors of El Tiempo, South China Morning Post and Goteborgs Posten send me pages for review, which I share with you.

El Tiempo, Colombia

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A recent Sunday front page of El Tiempo

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Book 2 piece: How do the young people of Colombia think today

The redesign of a newspaper evolves as time goes by.  Rarely does one see the very best of the plan within the first few weeks, so it is grand to see how El Tiempo, Colombia’s national newspaper, has followed the plan that was launched when El Tiempo premiered with a total rethinking of its content organization and design inOctober 2010.  As you may recall, El Tiempo’s management decided to review content flow, breaking down through the traditional barriers of “departments” and, instead, dividing the newspaper into three color-coded sections: What you must know, What you must read, What you must do.  Just as the focus groups had indicated, readers loved it from the start.  Today 8 months later, I am delighted to see the pages sent by El Tiempo Design Director, Beiman Pinilla.  His talented team has kept the idea alive, and, not only that, but enhanced it.

The design and content changes continue to make progress day by day,“ Beiman writes me, “and the readers continue to love the new, faster way of reading El Tiempo.“

Follow the El Tiempo relaunch case study here:

El Tiempo: At 100, a fresh proposition journalistically, visually, digitally

El Tiempo: reactions to the new concept

South China Morning Post

These recent pages from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post sent by Design Director Troy Dunkley.

We completed the rethinking of the SCMP in May.

For more details about South China Morning Post:

On the fourth day South China Morning Post design evolves

The Netherland’s AD: one week after relaunch

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Front page of the AD’s weekend edition

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Close up of the upper portion of the AD’s front page

Reviewing the progress of El Tiempo, South China Morning Post, Goteborgs Posten

Pages 2-3 open up with the main theme of the day, coming from page one

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A main personality-oriented feature treated as double page spread

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Treatment for news feature with dominance of photo

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Right side: opening of the newspaper’s second book—Show and Culture

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Inside double page spread of the Show and Culture section: color purple distinguishes this section

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Opening of the sports section: orange

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Inside spreads of sports

I am always proud when I review a recent redesign project and see the concept evolviing beyond the coldness of prototypes.

This is the case with the Netherland’s AD, published in Rotterdam.  This weekend’s edition is a joy to review, page after page.  I like how our idea of color use with type is finding a place on each page.

Take a look and tell us what you think.

It is color as punctuation, to use my colleague Pegie Stark Adams apt description.  It is color as staircase, one color that starts at the top and moves the reader around the content of the page.

Here is one project where we have been more adventurous in the colorization of type.

The design team: For AD, I worked with our own Garcia Media art director, Christian Fortanet, and the AD’s design director, Jeroen De Haas

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I am preparing my presentations as I participate, for the second consecutive year, in a well organized and interesting seminar in Istanbul.

The +1T Newspaper Design Days is sponsored by Turkey’s daily newspaper, Zaman.  This will be the sixth edition of the +1T Newspaper Days program.

According to Fevzi Yazici, design director of Zaman, this program is especially designed for design students, to attract them to the world of visual journalism. However, professional journalists and designers also participate in the event.

Our +1T Newspaper Days program is based on the idea that art (design) students and journalim students have to come together to get best newspaper design. So Zaman’s design staff organized this event to give future newspaper students an opportunity to accomplish this mission.“
This year program includes presentations by well known Turkish journalists.  In addition:  photographers Reza, George Georgiou, Vanessa Winship; Infographics artist ,Jeff Goertzen, of the Denver Post.
The seminar runs for 8 days June 21-

The seminar takes place at the Zaman’s hearquarters in Istanbul.

The title of my presentations are:
For print: Survival in the times of the iPad and Beyond

iPad :Creating that news app that is uniquely special

For more information:

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