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Review: The Kalinga Skinning Knife by Buck Knives

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture Over the last several months I’ve published a few blade reviews, focusing mostly on practical use when you find yourself in the wilderness, but today, I thought it would be interesting to feature a knife that is different from the typical survival or tactical blade. This knife is called the Kalinga, by their maker, the famous Buck Knives. The Kalinga is fashionable, and sleek, but so unique looking with its thick curved blade and very fine handle – it almost looks like something you might find in the Smithsonian museums. Picture The Buck Kalinga is a essentially a large sweeping skinner. This had become one of Al Buck’s favorite blades, and in 1969, he said, "We like to feel that the Buck Kalinga is also the badge of authority for all sportsmen to wear.” If you want something that looks great on the hip, works better than expected in the field, and can clean up and sit on a pristine shelf like a prized trophy, then the Kalinga is a knife you will want to check out. Not only is the 420HC Stainless Steel blade fine, it’s perhaps one of the thickest blades I’ve ever had the pleasure to test and feature here. The 4.75” blade has a satin finish, and comes sharpened perfectly.
I think the coolest aspect overall, beyond the eye-catching curved blade, is its rosewood dymondwood handle. Stained in a fading gradient of burgundy to black, the wood handle feels exceptional, allowing for the user to maintain optimum control when skinning. The finish is as ideal as it gets, feeling silky smooth over the hardware and base of the blade. The transition from handle to blade comes with a gold-plated metal guard. The Kalinga comes with a custom genuine leather sheath in a burgundy shade that pairs great with the handle. The knife fits with ease and locks with a cross button over the gold transition of the blade. The sheath is very nice, and feels worthy of such a blade.

Picture Buck describes the Kalinga as a favorite among knife enthusiasts, for its elite blade and luxurious feel, as well as its exclusive design and exceptional ergonomic handle, and I’d have to agree with their description. The Kalinga knife by Buck Knives is both, the ideal hunting knife and a showcase piece, worthy of any knife collector. Overall, I was very impressed with the Buck’s craftsmanship and the quality of materials, and of course how finely finished every aspect of the blade, handle and sheath are.
If you’re interested in finding out more about Buck Knives, click here.
Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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