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Review: ShadeTree Wooden Sunglasses

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be quite the chore,  especially, if you’re like me, and are notorious for breaking them, leaving them in obscure places, or mysteriously losing them. For years, I’ve sworn off nice pairs of sunglasses, opting for the $5 to $10 kiosks at the malls. Admittedly, I have not looked near as good as I have until just recently, as the fine folks over at ShadeTree were kind enough to send me two pairs of their fine wooden sunglasses to try on, and review for you.

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Depending where you plan to travel, what sort of activities and environment you will be in, the choosing of the right pair of eyewear can vary greatly. There are metal frames, wood frames, multi-functional glasses and there are kinds that claim as being unsinkable which are ideal for water sports and boating folks, but what sort of glasses are right for backpackers or campers? You will need strong frames and lenses for wilderness environments and physically active treks, of course, and while wooden frames may not be the strongest option, I believe they are a fine choice for travelers who value fashion above features. But if you truly are roughing it, almost no make or model of sunglasses are guaranteed to outlast the trip.
For me, I like to carry two pairs, if I have the room for it. Two pairs that serve differing features. And now that I’ve found that I adore wood frames, one of my two pair will certainly be wood. The other pair requires a stronger build and material, with a strong hard case for storage and safe keeping. Truth be told, wooden frames may not be as strong as thick plastic or heavy duty metal, but they look dynamite.
Picture The Classic Zebra-Incognito by ShadeTree Eyewear is a fine choice. They are beautiful and well-crafted, and the two types of wood work together seamlessly… Well, perhaps not seamlessly, as a seam of black is noticeable, splitting the two types of wood from the inside and outside, but I find it to be a charming compliment to the two differing grains. The frames were carved with a fine fit in mind, and even though they do not have the plastic and metal pads for the nose, they sit with authority upon my own. Upon the left ear his a stream of roots, carved into the frame with the ShadeTree logo, which looks sharp.
The Fusion Tuxedo with ebony and walnut by ShadeTree is a larger model with a better fit for me (but then again, it seems I have a rather thicker head than most). The dark, ebony wood provides a lovely reddish sheen against the wood grain. Upon the ear pieces is a smooth white surface that really completes the style, and similarly to the Classic Zebras, the Fusion Tuxedo have the ShadeTree logo carved finely into the left side of the ear. The mechanics that allow the ear pieces to stretch for larger fits is stronger and heavier duty than the former pair. Lastly, ShadeTree’s packaging is also unique, as each pair arrives in a cylinder made of bamboo, carved with their logo; with each pair swathed in a cleaning clothe bag. They provide the customer with humorous instructions, full of character, along with their fine products; complete with their own unique presentation.
I found both as being gorgeous options for both men and women. They are fashionable, and striking, and it’s obvious they are built with quality and love. I have no true criticism to offer, except that as wooden frames, they can be a bit more fragile than other makes.
If you’re interested in finding out more about ShadeTree Eyewear, click here.
Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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