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Review: Renetto’s Zero Gravity Hammock

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture When you’re camping and spending time outdoors, it’s nice to bring your creature comforts along with you, if you can manage it. Because if you’re backpacking or hiking far into the wilderness before setting up camp, then bringing extra gear and weight will seem more like a burden than a blessing. I thoroughly enjoy backpacking, but when you’re backpacking in the deep wilds, it can be difficult to carry everything you will need, especially if you’re worried of being caught in a survivalist situation, because you will need a good amount of gear to get through it with the aid of tools. But when I’m simply camping for the fun of it, typically much closer to my car, I focus on a camping style that is known as ‘glamping,’ which means glamorous camping…
Picture For me, glamping consists of bringing a wood-powered stove with pans, a folding hammock, a larger than necessary tent, an electric chainsaw, among chairs, good food and beer, and other non-essentials. Why? Because it’s a lot of fun. Sure, it requires some work packing, hauling, carrying, and setting up and packing up again, but let me tell you, when you can live like a king in the privacy of some amazing, mature woods, and hear no human activity or sound… Nothing gets better than that.

One of the newest members of my glamping camping list is the Zero Gravity Hammock by Renetto. You may remember Renetto from their awesome canopy chair, which I talked about here. Renetto is one of the many cutting-edge companies who are making the glamping lifestyle possible, with their unique takes on traditional products, each with their own brilliant design. The Zero Gravity Hammock is basically a hammock on a stand that folds up nice and small in a carrying bag at about the size of most camp chairs. How is it? My short answer is it’s awesome.
Renetto’s Zero Gravity Hammock unpacks easily, with an all-inclusive metal frame that is rated as ultra-safe with a flip-proof design. From my experience with it, it is indeed impossible to flip, which I feel opens up its recommended audience to children (while under supervision, of course). Setup was a bit difficult at first, as the setup and the way you must pull the hammock bed to make sure it’s latched can be a bit foreign at first. But once you understand it and do it a couple of times, it’s possible to setup the hammock all by yourself, however if you struggle with your ability to hold your strength consistently, then I would suggest setting it up with a friend. The hammock portion goes on easily, but requires some consistent strength to pull the hammock toward the locking position. Even by myself the second or third time, I was able to set it up within about 60-seconds.
Once setup, the hammock is way easier to get into than traditional tree-hung hammocks, and is safer for it. When I’m lying on the Zero Gravity, I don’t feel like I could fall asleep and roll over and fall off without a moment’s notice, and in fact, even though the area where your feet fit may look a bit strange at first glance, in fact it’s one of the best parts about the Zero Gravity, because it allows you to sit comfortably, while it gives you additional support and control. The Zero Gravity, with the bar in the middle, may not be AS comfortable as some more cloud-like suspension hammocks, but it is very close. All in all, I came away very impressed with Renetto and their Zero Gravity Hammock. It’s easy to use, easy to pack and carry, and is a great addition for any glamper, or really anyone who wishes to lounge about outside. Bring a good book, and be ready for hours of comfort above ground.
If you would like to find out more about Renetto and the Zero Gravity Hammock, click here.

Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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