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Review: Hultafors’ Expedition, Fine Detail and Serrated Outdoor Knives

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture A solid set of outdoor knives can be the difference between life and death when traveling abroad. Why? Because you never know what might happen to you when you’re far from civilization and surrounded by wilderness. A solid knife can help you survive an accident, a storm, as well as an animal attack or starvation, and to travel in the wilds without one is ridiculously foolish. So, when I venture out into the wilderness, I always account for the possibility of hard times, and I am never without a trusted blade. Picture Survival blades range from all types, styles and sizes, from axes and hatchets to hunting and survival knives, and while preference is unto each user, it’s important to have a blade that can do it all… A blade that can handle the rigors of the natural world. But there are indeed specialized blades for skinning, cutting meat, chopping wood, and felling a tree, so if you’re readying for an upcoming trip, take your needs and the conditions into consideration. When I’m not backpacking, where carrying space and every ounce matters, I travel with a felling axe, a maul, and a series of knives, from small pocket/multi-tool knives to long fixed blades, because each item has their specialty uses. But if I am backpacking into the wilderness, I will indeed carry a hybrid felling axe that’s capable of chopping wood into finer tinder, as well as a very strong, high quality fixed blade.
If you’re not worrying about space, yet investment cost is an issue, then a fine company to lookup is Hultafors. They are a Swedish owned company who produces a solid range of small knives with an affordable price tag. Recently, I tested the Expedition knife, the Fine Detail blade, and their Serrated Outdoor knife, as well as their steel fire starter, which creates a spark when struck with their Expedition model.
Picture First, the Expedition knife is probably my favorite of the lot, because it’s a small, yet capable blade that comes very sharp, and is made of high quality carbon steel. Why is it my favorite? Well, it’s small enough to fit into my pocket, yet versatile enough to manage several jobs abroad. The sheath comes with a pocket to hold the fire starter rod, and its made to withstand corrosion. All in all, the Expedition knife is quite solid and works well, holds a fine edge and is built to last through the toughest of conditions.
The Fine Detail knife is fitted with a durable friction grip, providing the user with the capability of precision work. The bade is tiny at only 3.07” which allows for up close and personal detail work, which is perfect for hunters and survivalists who need to fashion something to sustain themselves in the wild.
The Serrated Outdoor knife is a tough little blade, made of stainless steel, that can handle hard and tough surfaces, as well as rope and strapping bands where tension is at play. The Serrated Outdoor knife is perfect for survivalists and hunters alike, and is capable of gnawing away at just about anything in the wild.
Overall, I came away impressed with Hultafors range of outdoor knives, especially for the price. Though most Swedish brands, similar to Hultafors, boast superior craftsmanship, Hultafors’ knives are mass produced in Taiwan, which is surely why their price tag is so affordable. Because if you were going to purchase a high end brand, known for a hundred years of quality handmade craftsmanship, then you would spend anywhere from 3X to 10X times the amount. These knives may not last through a decade of use, but they may certainly save your lives.
If you would like to find out more about Hultafors, click here.

Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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