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Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++

By Berrycreamie @mhi1106
Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++
Remember when I attended the Kate Tokyo bloggers event? Well, I think I forgot to mention something on that blog post. During the event, we were also introduced to this new line of Kanebo, Freshel. Although they didn't actually talk about Freshel back then, this CC Cream catches my attention.
Didn't I tell you that we were given a loot bag after the event? Yes, they included this Freshel CC Cream inside, a sample size, to be clear. Still, since the full size of the cc cream was present at the event, I took the opportunity to take a photo of the full-sized product. And tested it too! After a few swatches, viola! It was a love at first swatch. ♥ Have you experienced that before? ^_^
Just like the packaging of Kate Tokyo, Freshel also comes in a very simple packaging too. There's nothing fancy or kawaii (a Japanese word for "cute") on it. The packaging is pretty boring – no offense. Freshel CC Cream comes in a 2-layered thick-silver-plastic tube with a rose-pink cap. Does it come in a box? I don't know. And all information's written on the back of the tube was written in Japanese! I also noticed that on my Kate Quick Remake Liquid (review soon *wink*). 
Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++ Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++
See? They're all in Japanese! Nothing helpful. How I wish I could read them. And if you're wondering why the photo above is kind of blurry, it is because of the second layer of the packaging. There is a thick plastic that covers the tube and that makes it blurry. With that second layer, the tube became substantial. Great idea, yes? Now, let's move on to the swatch.
Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++ Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++
Freshel CC Cream has a creamy and soft texture. I really like how clean and powdery the finish is without any greasy-ness. It feels as if you only used a powder on your face because you don't really have to wait for this cc cream to dry! Apply it on your face and it'll go dry instantly. But that's where the problem begins; with a dry skin like mine, it's slightly hard to spread on the face. The good thing though is that, you don't actually need to blend this cc cream out.
No white cast, no caking issue, no weird scent, this cc cream is pretty close to perfection, but it lacks of coverage. Imagine if a cc cream can cover your flaws? You won't need to apply another layer of bb cream or foundation when you're going out! And that will actually lessen your makeup time by five minutes.
How long could this Freshel CC Cream last? To answer that, here are my usual case scenario whenever I'm using Freshel CC Cream.
If I'm already late to school, I don't settle it with powder and it will only last for at least 3 hours. On the other hand, when I settle it with a powder, you can add an hour to its lasting hour. Lastly, when I'm using it as a primer under bb cream/foundation, my makeup lasts the whole day, depending on what bb cream or foundation I'm using.
Longevity depends on how you use this cc cream. You can either use it alone, or use it as a primer under your bb cream or foundation. To me, Freshel CC Cream is a good use for everyday makeup. It's very natural, clean, and very light-weight on the skin.

Review: Freshel - Kanebo CC Cream SPF32+ PA++

Freshel CC Cream in action!

Overall Experience: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  4/5  Freshel CC Cream is the best choice to use for your no-makeup makeup. It gives an instant healthy glowing skin, brightens, moisturizes well, and have enough SPF & PA to protect the skin from UV rays. Though I only gave it a 4-hearts; I still love it!
Freshel CC Cream, 50g Price: To be updated Available at: To be updated

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