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♥ Review : Etude House Oh Happy Day Rich Collagen Hand Cream ♥

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
Am quite a cleanliness freak especially when it comes to my hands. I love them squeaky clean all day long. But this kinda habit often leads to dryness and rough skin resulting in hands looking not so girly!! And besides all those kitchen chores and cooking makes it worse. So i always have hand creams or any lotion handy; in my handbag, under my pillow, beside my laptop and even near the Kitchen sink. This not only reminds me to reach out to them but also take care of my hands without much hassle. While i still don't mind any lotion for that matter, something smelling lovely with softening properties are always my preference. And i have come to believe, no one does it better than Korean brands. Yes, am an ardent fan of many things Korean and Etude House has been my favorite for pretty long time now!!So today am back again with yet another product i have been loving from Etude House ~
♥ Review : Etude House Oh Happy Day Rich Collagen Hand Cream ♥
♥ Review : Etude House Oh Happy Day Rich Collagen Hand Cream ♥
♥ Review : Etude House Oh Happy Day Rich Collagen Hand Cream ♥
PackagingLike typical Etude style, this comes in a pretty looking tube. Packaging is super attractive and definitely hassle free. Comes in a easy squeezy tube and even the cap is made of plastic. So rest assured this one doesn't add to the weight if you want to take it on travel. Besides, its super cute looking tube makes it all the more fun showing it off!!
Price and AvailabilityAvailable online, this retails for 4.48$ on JolseBuy same here >>
FragranceThis cream has subtle floral scent of the Cherry Blossoms. Smells amazing and definitely not over powering even the sensitive nose. It stays for pretty long time only getting a lil fainter and fainter every time.
FormulaThe cream feels rich and thick but absorbs just as quickly leaving no signs of greasiness or stickiness. Just perfect for day wear!
Pros - Reasonable price- Cute packaging- Absorbs quickly- Moisturizes well- Non-sticky and non-greasy formula- Floral fragrance- Collagen Rich Cream 
♦ Cons- Available only online (for someone like me)
This cream is definitely worth the money and wait (see the delivery time.. arghh!!) and besides i have been stocking up on stuff with Collagen lately. More on that soon!!
Have you tried this hand cream before? What's your favorite from Etude House?
P.s ~ Now that am planning to haul few more stuff from Korean brands, would love to hear your suggestions.
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♥ Sangy

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