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Review : Dawn of The Planet of The Apes (2014)

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

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Technology, when used properly will create an amazing work. To completely focus our attention to it could create a soulless work of art, but if we don’t use it for its function a work of art could be unbalanced. If we collaborate the technology with a bold spirit and inspiration, the result can be grand and legendary.

I am not familiar with the classic Apes series, but if you follow the story of Caesar, in Rise of The Planet of The Apes (2011), surely you couldn’t help but felt sympathized with the poor ape who only seeks for a safe home and family. But human and animals can live in harmony and peace is such a impossible concept, that Caesar must exile to the woods. Now, he has made himself as the leader of his kind, has a son almost grown up and another one just born. He earned himself a respected and feared leader, an ideal and wise one.

One day, human visit the woods where the apes live because they need to use the old dam to power the nearly dead city. Even though Caesar still keep his resentful feelings towards the human’s violence in the past, he’s willing to help them because they are desperate. But Kobe, his old friend who was once tested unfairly by humans in lab won’t let himself open to Caesar’s decision, so he decided to act himself. His hatred trigger the war between the apes and humans.

You know the scary thing about ‘em? They don’t need lights, power, heat-nothing. That’s their advantage. That’s what makes them stronger.

Watching this movie and saw the apes kept so much resentment and almost mercilessly to the humans, made me feel embarrassed to my own kind. Every creature is born pure but because of how they treated by humans they become so angry and violent. Fortunately, Caesar felt human’s hospitality from his master so he can allow himself have a little mercy. It’s also a good thing he become the leader of the clueless and helpless apes, he’s proven himself to be a perfect leader.

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You can actually feel a high wall between humans and apes because of the painful history. Humans maybe not be aware of it, not until they meet Caesar and the apes in the woods. On the other side, humans needed objects to test their medicine but it’s not exactly fair for the animals. What this movie showed from the angry apes is that humans tend to get high-handed with their position as the brain. And some animals have already violent labels in their head so it feared the humans.

Obviously, in real life there won’t be talking and brainy apes, but this movie impressively made it look very vivid that it chills us the audience. Not just from the technology, but also the look and vocals of Caesar and his kind. They able to show the authority and feared apes, at the same time very humanly. Added with Andy Serkis’ total performance, Caesar looked very authoritative and prestigious. You can feel he is a leader just by his gestures and stares. The look and gestures also applied to the petty Kobe and Caesar’s labile son, Blue Eyes. You can imagine if the look of the apes combined, completely haunting and real.

Although clearly the star of the movie is the apes, it also supported by a fine cast; the leader of humans, Gary Oldman and the human with kind soul, Jason Clarke and his wife, Kerri Russell. Clarke’s little family showed human’s kindness, and they have connection with the apes. They say animals can sense human’s calm and peaceful heart, so it explains.

If in the beginning I feel ashamed as a human because of how they treated the apes, the ending showed the real problem wasn’t the creature but the fear. Fear can generate many more negative feelings that we sometimes didn’t realize we are controlled by it. If we don’t conquer it, it will harm not just us but also other people we care.

Lots of films have all of the cool things like effects, great cast and sound but they don’t have moral depths (or can’t bring it to the screen), but not with this movie. Aside from the visual effects and excellent cinematography, the morale message was bold enough to make our chest tightens. It is intended to be ‘a-great-summer-movie’ but it already stole our hearts (currently included in IMDB Top 250). Definitely recommended.

Final Score : 8,5

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