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Review: Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in 36 Miami Pink

By Beautifulbuns

I can’t stop yawning today, and I can’t figure out if it’s a “I-wanna-fall-asleep” yawn or a “I-can’t-wake-up” yawn. Ah well, I’d better make sure that I cover my mouth when I do, and if I forget to do so, my lips better be adorned with a pretty lip colour. Today’s choice of lipstick – Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color which I received when I attended their Kbeauty workshop a couple of weeks ago.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Miami Pink (1)Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Miami Pink (2)

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Miami Pink (3)

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Miami Pink (4)

I say….

The Packaging: It comes in an angular tube (that prevents unwanted rolling off) with a click-on cap. The overall lipstick is lightweight cos of its plastic material, and has a matte frosted + glossy combination finish.

The Application: It glides on relatively smoothly enough – although it’s not as smooth or as moisturising as other lipsticks I’ve tried. When applied onto bare (somewhat dry lips), it doesn’t quite sit properly – it can highlight/emphasise the lines of the lips or sink into the crevices. However, if you apply some vaseline/lip balm prior to the lipstick, it glides on more smoothly, and the colour comes out more evenly. The colour payoff is almost true to the bullet -perhaps 5-10% less vibrant than the lipstick bullet. The finish isn’t particularly glossy nor is it a matte finish – kinda an in-between. When it wears off, it leaves a nice tint but it also leaves flaky bits that aren’t pretty (especially if you’ve got dry/chapped/flaking/peeling lips).

The Verdict: I was really excited when I first saw this colour, cos hello, who doesn’t like hot Miami Pink (that’s vibrant coral-pink)? I’m slightly let down by the texture though – it’s not particularly rich/creamy/moisturising enough to justify the “rich” in its name. It also doesn’t sit too well with my dry lips, so I had to make it a point to apply vaseline/lip balm/MAC Lip Prep (review coming soon!) to ensure that I got a nice finish. Overall, a lipstick that has an average colour payoff that’s more suited for those with normal lips. For those who are just as unfortunately cursed as I am with shitty smoochers, try MAC’s Mineralise Rich Lipstick in Be A Lady that has a similar colour tone.

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