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Review: Ashley Chloe’s Helix Cuff Bluetooth Earbuds

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture In the modern world of audio technology, there are new inventions and innovations, and new takes on headphones, earbuds, and wireless audio seemingly everyday. Traditionally, there have been studio and consumer headphones in styles of on-ear and over-ear, which dictate the fit and immersive sound experience, but more recently earbuds have become quite a craze, because they’re small, lightweight and many models have amazing sound quality. Over-ear headphones are typically best for studio and immersive listening, where some styles may include noise canceling technology. On-ear are smaller and allow for more outside noise to leak in and out, and are typically less impressive for bass-heavy music.
Picture Earbuds, however, can range. I’ve seen the countless cheap versions on the market for anywhere from five dollars to twenty, which typically never last long, and suffer tremendously for any sort of decent sound quality. But then there’s the specialty earbuds; the ones that true audio engineers took a special pride in designing for optimum sound. I’ve heard earbuds sound so good, I couldn’t believe such a great dynamic range and bass quality could come from something so small. However, most earbud models stay somewhere in the middle, with good but not great sound, and little to subpar bass quality.
And then there’s the Helix Cuff by Ashley Chloe. The Helix Cuff is more than a set of earbuds; they are a multi-tool fashion accessory in a way, because the Helix Cuff is literally a fashionable cuff that you wear around your wrist. That is until you decide it’s time for some tunes. All you have to do is slide the cuff off your wrist, pop out the headphones from inside and stick them in your ear. You can continue wearing your cuff while you listen, as they separate completely. Why are these cool? Well, because yes, they are classy and fashionable, but they’re streamlined for discretion.
Picture The Helix Cuff is a wearable wireless headphone, or earbud, which works well, and sounds good. The Helix Cuff is a Bluetooth 4.1 device meant to give you an ‘experience of a lifetime.’ It’s loaded with Smart Multipoint Connectivity, AptX high quality audio technology, and cVc noise reduction, with audio enhancement. The company, Ashley Chloe, boasts that ‘the Helix Cuff is equipped with the most advanced sound technology you’ll ever find in a bluetooth wearable tech gadget.’ They are indeed stylish, in several color designs, and are built with a practical design, where fashion and tech are blended seamlessly.
Overall, I’d rate the sound quality as a seven out of ten, which for an earbud is surprisingly high. Only over-ear studio quality headphones get rated higher by me. The only thing holding back the sound quality is its subtle stifling of the mid-range, and larger lack of true bass. Otherwise, the sound is trebly, and clear, and loud enough to hear over a lot of external sounds. The bass isn’t inexistent, by any means, but it does not have that smooth, powerful sound I prefer in my headphones. But then again, few earbuds achieve such a difficult sound quality. All in all, I like the Helix Cuff, especially for women, because the design of the cuff itself is stylish and shiny, but it’s not necessarily meant for most guys to wear. But I do see the market for the fairer sex. I found the Helix Cuff to be a solid earbud, inside of a classy and flashy cuff.
If you would like to find out more about the Ashley Chloe and the Helix Cuff, click here.
Article written & Photo by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen – Product photo © Ashley Chloe.

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