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Review: Ashdown Sunglasses by Native Eyewear

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture A solid pair of sunglasses can save your sight and improve the way the world around you affects your mood. I don’t know about you, but having spent the last few winters in Ohio and Colorado, I’ve come to dread the gray dullness that the season can bring. Most of the trees are bare and skeletal, and the sky’s grey, which seems to bring on the itching in my feet, the desire to escape and a general sense of depression

Picture Picture

For me, the right tint on a pair of sunglasses can both shield my eyes from the blinding white reflection of sunlight upon snow, but also cheer up colors of the world around me. The Ashdown sunglasses by Native Eyewear, who’s based in Colorado, comes with an orange tint that warms up the colors of the forest, adding a welcoming effect to the dreary skies.
Let’s take a look at Native’s Ashdown sunglasses…
The high-grade plastic frames of the Ashdown sunglasses are sleek and modern, with a nice wood grain that sort of fades into a similar color of the lenses. They fit snug around my face with curved arms that cup my head perfectly, just above the ears. Carved into the temple sits the ‘NATIVE’ logo in black, which continues the high end theme of these glasses.
The lenses are polarized, completing the classy, modern and sleek design. As I mentioned earlier, they come with a deep, rich and warm tone, like an orange and transparent sepia color. The lenses add a lovely warmth that’s almost enriches the saturation of the world outside. Another cool feature of Native’s eyewear is their lifetime warranty and their interchangeable lenses program.
The Ashdown sunglasses come with a nice hardshell case that are strong enough for longterm protection of the frames and lenses. A webbed fabric finish coats the hardshell, and a zipper secures them in place. Inside, a soft bag is included to further protect the sunglasses, while doubling as a lens cleaning cloth. I found the Ashdown sunglasses as being of fine make and design, and quality, and a worthwhile choice if this is something you’re looking for.
Stay classy, travelers.
If you would like to find out more about Native Eyewear, click here.

Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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