Business Magazine Founder “All the Good Domains Are Held by Squatters.” & “Domain Squatters Are Sharks”

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

In a Blog Post that appeared on today,  Jason Chicola, founder and CEO at had some less than kind works about domain investors.

In the post where he chats about finding a great starter domain name, he says;

“Naming a company is tough. ”

“Buzzwords come and go, but a great name should last decades. ”

“A great name is short, easy to remember and evocative — think Apple or Amazon.”

“But not only are great names hard to come up with, all the good domains are held by squatters.

Later in the story he goes on to say:

“If you can’t afford your ideal domain, say, you might start with or or  But a word of caution – if is the perfect domain for your startup, and you launch with, beware of domain squatters.  

Domain squatters are sharks, and they’ll know you need it, so they’ll charge you a premium for it.


Interestedly he doesn’t mention all the lying deceitful buyers who are all “college students” or “recently unemployed” people with only $1,000 to their name, or “starting a non-profit”, who are more than happy to tell a domain owner any story they can think of to get a domain owner to sell a domain for pennies on the dollar.

Sorry Jason if some domainers are simply good businessman that refuse to let their assets go for a fraction of their value.



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