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Repost of ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ Podcast#10 FINALE “Oia’i'o” Featuring 5-0 Bloggers, Wendie Burbridge and Officer808

Posted on the 26 June 2011 by Danainvermont @websouffle

image Caps by CrystalChainSteve McGarrett booked for murder

In this repost we discussed the final episode of Hawaii Five-0′s first season entitled, Oia’i'o or “Truth.”

Our special guests were blogger, Wendie Burbridge of the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Pulse Blog, Five-0 Redux and Officer808, blogger for the blog.

Both are friends of the show and were featured here on this blog in our “Hawaiian Bloggers” Series a few months ago. Both have extremely popular and fascinating blogs which give us the kind of insight into Hawaii Five-0 that you will find nowhere else on the the Internet, and I highly recommend you become fans of their sites. Highlights of our 10th show:

• ‘Danny/Rachel’ developments,

• Morality & Truth of our characters

• What we think the future holds for our team next season!

Things you’ll hear about in the podcast:

-We needed to find or create a Hawaiian word for “Yippee Kai Ay! We got a Second Season!” (I’m not pronouncing it if we do find one!)

-Sand Island is romantic. NOT! Not the first choice for telling someone you love, you’re gonna have their love child.

-Wo Fat conspiracy theories are floated.- I come up with a theory for how the writers might get Danny and Rachel outta this mess! (It’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!!!)

-We got Locations thanks to and Actor Info from Ryan Ozawa’s preview for the episode.

-We also get a great piece of trivia (again, Thanks to listener, Bill!!!) about one of the character actors in the finale, who is a friend of Scott Caan. He appeared in a play about 9/11 that Scott wrote, and has a connection to one of my favorite character’s in “Lost”, Mark Pellegrino!


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