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Report: Naked People Found In Place You’d Expect To Find Naked People.

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Today’s news tip comes to us from blogger Sean Smithson via email from the United Kingdom. And since there’s been no front page news in the U.K. that we’re aware of recently, or since last summer’s Olympics, let’s see what he would like us to write about.

The Metro reports that a brothel was raided in London, England, and “naked” people were found inside.

3 Less Expected Things To Find Inside A British Brothel

1. Broth. Not exactly hygienic conditions for a confused soup chef to audition for employment.

2. Your friends using a “find my friends” smart phone application, when your friends live in Detroit, and are afraid of flying and boats, making travel to London very difficult.  But then again, all of your friends are migratory birds, so maybe you shouldn’t be so surprised.

3. A confused chef trying to make chicken broth with your migratory bird friends. Chickens aren’t migratory birds and don’t have valid passports! This chef is going to have one disappointing day. But not as disappointing as the chef who traveled all the way to New Zealand, only to be told he had to leave due to his weight, as we wrote about here.

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