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Reminiscing My New York Foodie Memories out Loud

By Foodie Cravings @foodiecravings

This post about our New York foodie memories, supported by Emirates, is my attempt to convince burger boy to book us flights to New York for my 30th :)

It’s tough to get away for more than a week having our own business but I figured if I can make burger boy crave the food enough he’ll find a way to get us there in March!

I’ve also been flicking through burger boy and I’s honeymoon photo book and reminiscing out loud all the amazing American food

 the same photo book which inspired foodie cravings. It was filled with more photos of food than of burger boy & I and where there were photos of us, it was with food
This photo book was labeled the “Cookbook” by the family and it became our friends and family’s personal American TripAdvisor.

Here’s my top New York foodie memories which I’ve been reminiscing to burger boy out loud. Maybe I need to throw in the NBA somewhere as we did go see a basketball game in every city we visited!

New York food highlight #1 Going on Corey’s Food on Foot Tour in Manhattan

We went on a Food on Foot Tour in Manhattan run by Corey, a huge New York foodie who took us to the back streets of Hell’s Kitchen where we fell in love with New York’s Philly Cheesesteak. This post I wrote about Philly Slim’s Cheesesteak was one of the first blog posts on foodie cravings



New York food highlight #2 Meeting Jamie Oliver on Good Morning America

Completely jet lagged, burger boy and I ended up in line to be a part of Good Morning America’s live audience. We were pretty excited when Jamie Oliver rocked up half asleep

he even cooked steak for us to try which I politely declined as it was pretty rare and at the time I liked steak completed well done (now I’m a medium to well-done kind of girl).


New York food highlight #3 Lunch at Lombardi’s in Little Italy

The woodfired calzone was just amazing at Lombardi’s, it was in this restaurant that I converted from a pure pizza eater to also loving calzones.


New York food highlight #4 Burgers at 5 Napkin Burger

I had so many burgers during our 5-week honeymoon in the states thanks to burger boy but it was 5 Napkin Burger in Hell’s Kitchen that impressed me the most. The beef patty just melted on every bite…


New York food highlight #5 Going to Tom’s Restaurant as featured on Seinfeld

Having a milkshake and cheeseburger at Tom’s Restaurant as featured in Seinfeld was pretty cool.


I have less than 6 months to convince burger boy he needs a New York foodie holiday

wish me luck!

In the meantime, I will continue get my American foodie fix in Perth at:

The Merrywell
Miss Kitty’s Saloon
Butty’s food truck 

Disclaimer: This post is supported by Emirates. Refer to foodie cravings disclosure policy for more details.

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