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Remember The Chick That Did A YouTube Video To Quit Her Job? Well, The Company She Quit From Made Their Own Video.

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

Remember this chick?

That’s how you bite back people.  You shove it right back down that chick’s gullet.  Maybe it’s not original, but it’s about as good.  Plus, hey guess what, they’re hiring right this second, so if you’re looking for a job in Taiwan, here’s one that’s available.

P.S. This is the company that does all those Taiwanese Sports Videos I’ve blogged about?  Wwwhhhhaaatttt?  Seems like a pretty good gig if you ask me.  Doesn’t seem like the type of job I’d NOT want in my 20s or even 30s for that matter.  Hell I blog now and don’t make any money doing it, all she was doing is making YouTube gold day after day.  Weird.

P.P.S. Sneaky cute asian chick doesn’t know how to dance, so how the hell did she get hired?

That right there is the “dope dance.”  You don’t know about that because you didn’t know me in high school.  ’nuff said.

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